Strattons farm lake. Wisbech 15th may

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Jun 17, 2008
Well after going shopping sat morn SWMBO convinced me to go fishing (anyone would think she wants me out of the way lol) so i arrived at strattons at about 12pm. I set up on the first part of the lake on the left hand bank and decided to fish the method to the far bank using 6mm yellow boilies and 6mm soft hooker cat meat pellets.

I just wish that i had taken my camera with me as the action was fairly non stop all day.
It started off with several carp around 3 to 5lb but then the tip shot round and a short fight resulted in this little beauty

The swim dried up afterwards so i switched to the pole and had a few roach and small bream before getting 2 carp to about 4lb before deciding to switch back to the feeder as the wind had picked up.

Second cast after switching back and the tip was pulled round so violantly i thought it may snap against the rest but it didnt and the resulting fight went on for just short of 20 mins before i slipped the net under it and realised it was bigger than i first thought. I went to get my scales and realised they were in the shed but there were a few people carp fishing further up so i was a bit cheeky and asked to borrow a set.
They quickly grabbed a weigh sling and scales and slipped it in and the scales went round to just under 18 lb 4oz. They then took a few pics which they are going to send me and once i have them i will stick them on here.

After chatting to them for a while i went back to my swim and back out with the feeder and before it even had a chance to settle the rod shot round and after a short fight i slipped the net under a 16lb 8oz mirror carp, weighed by the blokes further up who were telling me to clear off home as they had only had a small carp and a bream all day lol. Pic will be posted once they send it.

Another hours fishing resulted in several carp upto 8lb before i decided to call it a day having banked over 70lb of carp and half a dozed bream & roach.

Not a bad days fishing if i do say so myself.
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