STOP PRESS *** Wales win a Rugby Match ***

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Jul 4, 2002
Yes it's true, the men of the valleys are on the rise again (or at least the boys are, with a bit of help from some English lads of course).

My son is in the Air Training Corps (ATC) and on Saturday he was in the Central & Eastern Region squad at their national rugby championships. Being one of the younger ones he was a substitute but did get onto the pitch in one of the league games.

The UK is divided into 6 regions as far as the ATC is concerned, Scotland & NI, Central & Eastern, London & SE, Wales & SW, plus two others that I can't remember.

They were divided into 2 leagues of 3 with the winners of each league going into the final. Central & Eastern played Wales & SW in the final, and my son's team lost 2-0 (a penalty in the last minute [:(]).

He was a bit disappointed with a Silver Medal as they hadn't given a try away all the way through and had easily won all their other matches. Wales & SW lost a league game but went through as they had scored more tries than the team they were equal on points with.

He did point out that both the Touch Judges were Welsh, but I'm sure that didn't affect things at all [;)].

He's got one more year at this Junior level (Under 17s) so maybe he can go one better next year and bring a Gold Medal home.

Perhaps that's the answer for the full Welsh Rugby Team - get some English players in the squad and they might start to win again [}:)].

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