Stolen tackle, Friday 18th August at Golden Reel


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Aug 8, 2001
Stolen tackle, Friday 18th August at Golden Reel draw

Posted by: Toby Pepper
20 August at 20:47

As a lot of you already know Jess Knights, Stuart Homewood and my gear (Toby Pepper) was stolen from my van and Stuarts van on Friday night.

This is a list of mine and Jess' gear that was stolen from my van and if anyone is offered it or hears of these items being sold, please can you let me know! Some of it is marked or slightly damaged (as listed) and if sold will be very obvious, so any trace of the gear would be a positive.

1x Daiwa Airity 16m Pole
11x Top kits fitted with hydrolastics (one is new ghost kit with red hydro, all have guru dacrons and side pullers fitted)
1x Garbolino adjustable cupping kit
4x Spare no.4 sections
1x Short no.4 section
1x Spare no.5 section
1x Spare no.6 section

1x Tricast Veriton 16m pole
1x Additional short butt
9x Tricast top kits

1x Middy M2 Margin pole
2x Top kits

1x Daiwa Airity 4m landing net handle (no caps)
1x Drennan Rigidex landing net handle

1x Preston innovations keepnet toolbar (2x old fox match attachments)

All rods and reels have no bag or boxes:
1x Preston innovations carbonactive C tech 11ft rod
1x Team Daiwa pellet waggler 11ft rod
2x Preston innovations mini+ 10ft carp feeder rods
2x Preston innovations mini+ 11ft carp waggler rods
1x Shimano Aernos longcast 13ft 120g feeder rod
2x Daiwa TDM 3000 reels
4x Daiwa Ninja 3012A reels
1x Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTD reel

1x MAP Z30 seatbox (seat cover, both back corners of the cushion ripped at the seam and wooden dividers glued into the drawers)
1x MAP stacking unit (Lid and 3 trays: green '52 winder' tray, blue '28 winder' tray and pink '15 winder' tray..... all with rigs tied)

3x Maver pole rollers (2x no bag and one with snapped upright)
1x MAP 'v' pole roller (in bag)
1x Preston innovations Tripod (no bag and mini bank stick not long one)
1x Sensas 12 dip roost head (green)
1x MAP feeder arm
1x Preston innovations Rod butt rest on cross arm attachment
1x Maver pole sock on Preston innovations cross arm attachment
4x Preston innovations balling in arms
3x Preston innovations short keepnet arms
9x Drennan catapults (blue handle, red elastic, brand new pouches)
1x Guru green handle catapult (split pouch)
2x Preston innovations catapults (green handle, blue elastic)
1x Drennan groundbait catapult (green handle, black elastic)
2x MAP large sidetray legs
14x Hooklength boxes (Guru/Preston, Large/Small with 0.12/0.14/0.16 etc. tipexed on the back and some have permanent marker pen markings)
3x Ringer pellet pumps (one handle)
12x Daiwa 3pt bait boxes (jokingly tipexed underneath with 'special bait boxes for Jessica from Toby)

A purple container with clear lid and dividers that held:
9x Preston innovations pellet feeders
12x Guru Hybrid feeders
12x Guru Method feeders
15x Drennan cage feeders
6x Guru bombs
10x+ Guru spare elasticated stems

1x Garbolino Challenger Jumbo match holdall (broken bottom strap handle and torn at the top on the side)
1x Garbolino Challenger Cooler Carryall
1x Garbolino Challenger Competition Carryall
1x Daiwa pole holdall with large side pocket (expect Airity to be transferred from jumbo match holdall to this)
1x Preston innovations monster double ready rod holdall
1x Preston innovations monster mega bait bag

1x Halkon Hunt Goretex Jacket (name and R.A.F.C.A.A. embroided on it so probably going in the bin!)

Neil McKinnon provided me with all of his tackle for the final and I can't thank him enough for all of his help on Saturday, what an awesome man. Thanks to everyone else who offered me tackle there was a lot of kind people.

Please share everywhere. Thank you.


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Aug 30, 2010
This was always going to happen one day that much publicity and no where secure to store the finalists gear..needs addressing now it's come to light,poor Toby pepper must have been distraught,personally I would not have fished the final,head would have been a shed!!!!theres 10-15k of gear there gone n may not be insured or flaws in the insurance ???kept in car etc these finals need a secured place n security on for the night,the competition makes more than enough profit to what gets paid out to put aside enough money to fund such thing


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Aug 22, 2006
Can only be anglers buying it, they are as bad as the thieves.....


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Jul 31, 2016
Feel for the guys involved, must be gut wrenching. Is not just straightforward as replacing the kit, if the insurance company pay out, but the hours of work that has gone in to setting up rigs, hook lengths and all the other bits, that have been tailored to suit the individual.

Given that these types of thefts are on the increase, surely secure storage should be provided on site, such as an ISO Container.

Suitably kitted out with racks or individual lockable storage sections. The Fishery owners could make a charge for storing kit to recoup the initial cost and attendance to lock/unlock the container.


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Mar 21, 2014
I agree with the comments above,these big venues/finals should provide security for our tackle/ vehicles even if its a car park and they pay for a security guard to patrol it all night until the competitions start. We are not talking big bucks to implement this and im sure that there is enough money taken by the organizers. Even if there was not and you had to pay yourself, i am sure anglers would do,for piece of mind.


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Oct 3, 2014
To be fair to the match organiser, anglers were permitted to leave tackle in their hotel rooms, apart from bait and nets. I know it's a ball ache emptying your van and it's no excuse for the thieves, but a bit of self help could have prevented it.

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Feb 26, 2005
Neil McKinnon provided me with all of his tackle for the final and I can't thank him enough for all of his help on Saturday, what an awesome man. Thanks to everyone else who offered me tackle there was a lot of kind people.

Sorry to hear about the loses

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Sep 22, 2013
I know if it were myself and I was carrying that much tackle around in a van that I would make sure hat the locking system was up to a standard that you couldn't open it up with ease and that the van/ vehicle had a damn good alarm system, one that would inform you by mobile phone that your vehicle was being broken into, paying a bit extra could save you all the grief that these boys are going through.

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Let Neil McKinnon's act of kindness be the lesson from this and let's hope somewhere in destiny the thieving scum get their just rewards.

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That gear is going to turn up somewhere. Simple as that. Clearly it's a targetted theft. If everyone in match fishing communicates this they haven't got anywhere to go!