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May 19, 2002
Date: 18th August 2002
Venue:- River Ure, Spennithorne

Although this match is billed as the Trout Cup, everything counts - only the trophy goes to the biggest weight of trout, so basically you're fishing for anything that swims.

I hadn't visited our stretch of the River Ure since January 2001
(it was a bit chilly that day)
It only reopened after foot & mouth in March this year and by the look of the pegs, no-one else had been fishing there either.

There were only four of us turned up for this match, family holidays losing us many of our regulars. This did mean though that we only needed to fish one field and wouldn't have to fish the deep water pegs. We have 18 pegs spaced along about three-quarters of a mile of river, the first five pegs are fast, shallow glides up to about five feet deep; the remainder are 10-15 feet deep and in the summer barely move.

This was the view from my peg
I had about three feet of water in front of me, down to just past the cow-drink on the opposite bank, deepening to ten feet by the time you reach the far-bank bushes.

This is the view upstream
The trees on the far-bank hold huge numbers of chub at the back-end of the season, weights of 70lbs+ have been recorded on a number of occasions.

I shouted "time" at 10am and 30seconds later (before I'd even wet a line!) Keith, fishing just upstream of me, was bringing a chub to the net. I started fishing with a light stick-float rig set just over three feet deep, using a 17' rod to keep better control of the float.
It was tricky fishing though, the peg got deeper the further downstream you go, so I had to hold the float back hard initially, before letting it run through once the swim got deeper.

Third run through, I struck into a fish, which I was pleased to see was a little 6" brownie, at least someone had caught one this year!
An hour or so later (after a fruitless 20 minutes on the feeder) I struck into a much larger fish, it hugged the bottom in the strong flow, refusing to move. I thought for a while it may have been one of the very rare barbel that inhabit this stretch, but then it started moving and I glimpsed a big pair of white lips - sure enough it was a chub. As with many of the chub from this stretch it had the head of a five pounder but was very thin. Ten minutes later I landed another, this was a much smaller fish but was well-proportioned and was obviously a young fish.

Everything went quiet after that, Dave had caught a few gudgeon from the beck-end (our upstream limit) and Andrew was being plagued with minnows from the sewage outfall peg. Keith then caught the smallest trout I've ever seen, which when we examined it more closely we thought was probably actually a salmon parr.

About 2pm I caught another chub, this one ran upstream very powerfully, almost reaching the far-bank bushes, I brought it back into netting range, picked up my landing net and the end fell off!
I let the fish run back out into the middle of the river, waded further out, picked up the net head and managed to scoop the chub out at the second attempt. All this time, Keith was sat on his peg, offering various pieces of useful advice, most of which I can't post on here!

Anyway I won the match, the three chub weighed 3-7,3-6 and 1-12, I also had a little trout (big enough to win the trophy though) and a perch of about an ounce for a total of 8lbs 13oz.

Keith finished second, his chub also going 3-6

Dave Lowther caught 3.5oz of mainly small stuff and Andrew didn't bother weighing his minnows in.

Thuis stretch of water tends to get somewhat ignored until later in the season when the chub shoal up, but it might be worth fishing it a little more this time of year. If nothing else the chub look as though they could use a good feed!


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Your matches sound fun!

Amazed that such a beautiful stretch of river hasn't been fished more and that only 4 turned up!, blame the commercials?


Shouldn't happen to a DOG!
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