Stokesley AC - Laidler Steels Trophy

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Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Venue:- Tontine Lake (nr Osmotherley, North Yorks)
Date:-19th/20th July 2002

This is the second of our all-night club matches fished from 8.30pm until 8.30am. I missed the first one due to fishing the AT Supercup Semi-Final down at Border Fisheries, so I was looking forward to what is usually the best match of the year on the lake.

Rain had been falling steadily since around 3pm but had cleared up by 6pm so I was hopeful of a fine night as I set off on the 15 minute drive to the lake. (Weather forecast promised scattered showers)

Tontine Lake is just over 2 acres in size and has 20 permanent pegs, the main species are perch, roach, bream (to 5lb), tench (to 6lb), pike to mid-doubles and carp (to 22lb)along with a few chub, rudd, crucians and gudgeon.


This is the lake looking south from midway along the east bank.

Only 11 anglers had turned up by the 7pm draw time, the rain possibly keeping some away. I was very pleased to draw peg 14, its on "The Island", which sticks out into the lake some 10 yards or so. I've fished this peg many times and rate it as possibly the best all-round peg on the lake. Just as I got to my peg it started raining again and didn't let up till gone midnight.
This is the view from my peg (whilst huddled under my brolly)


Apart from this match being an all-nighter, its also unusual in that you can use two or three rods at the same time. The majority of the anglers fishing are carp anglers, so they just set up for the one species. Personally I'd rather catch bream or tench any day so I set up a method feeder, a standard feeder (to be filled with soft pellets, with a couple of hard pellets on a hair rig) and a waggler. The carp do get caught on baits other than boiles quite regularly, so I felt this gave me the best of both worlds.

I picked up a couple of small perch on the waggler early on (how does a 1oz perch get a size 14 hook baited with 5 maggots in its gob?) but apart from a couple of bleeps from the alarms had no other action. I'd seen Phil lose a fish early on from peg 1 and Paul landed something from peg 9 but apart from that it was all quiet.

I was awoken from a doze at about 3am by something splashing behind me and, going to investigate, I found Chris just landing a double-figure mirror carp. He'd caught a similar sized common 20 minutes earlier and since he only had a single carp-sack we decided to weigh and return the pair of them. The mirror weighed 13lb 13oz and the common 13lb dead, apologies for the lack of photos but I'd put my camera in the hut due to the weather and couldn't be bothered to walk half-way round the lake to retreive it.

By 4.30am it was light enough to see without the aid of a torch, so I retrieved the untouched feeder rod and fished the pole. Caught about 20 or so perch and roach before a pike started crashing about and scattered the shoal. I saw Phil lose another fish from peg 1 but with no action forthcoming I commenced the weigh-in at 8.30am.

Only three anglers had caught, although a couple had lost fish. I think the 4 or 5 hours of heavy rain had cooled the lake and put the fish off the feed.
So the final result was:-

1st Chris Rudd (peg18) 26lb 13oz
2nd Paul Roberts (peg 9) 10lb 7.5oz

Pauls catch consisted of this 1lb 3.5oz perch (possibly a lake record)
and this carp of 9lb 4oz (possibly the smallest in the lake)

3rd was myself, with 20 or so perch and roach for 1lb 2oz

Next match is the Tontine Cup (on the same venue) which is a float-only event and is decided on points 1pt/fish and 1pt/ounce.

Then its Ireland!!


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Aug 11, 2001
Nice report Simon.

Well done on catching and getting 3rd.

Sounds like you had a good time even if the weather tried to spoil it for you all.

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