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Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Date:- 11th August 2002
Venue:- Tontine Lake, North Yorks

After being cancelled last year due to the lake being closed because of Foot & Mouth, I was looking forward to our annual junior match, not just because its a chance to encourage (and possibly coach) our junior members but also because its generally a damm good day out!

Our junior match used to be just another date in the match calender, but 5 or 6 years ago we decided to put a bit of effort into it and we now erect a marquee, put on a massive barbecue and thanks to generous sponsorship from local tackle shops and businesses ensure that all the competitors take a prize home.

Unfortunately since I was Ireland the week before the match I was unable to assist in any of the organisation this year, so it wasn't until I arrived at the lake that I found out who and how many were taking part. (We only have about 22 juniors in the club and Tony the secretary had manged to get in touch with about 18 of then, of whom 12 were able to attend)

I gave my usual spiel at the draw, with a quick run-through of the rules at which point I noticed one of the lads looking a little crest-fallen, he hadn't realised you couldn't fish for pike and therefore had brought a large selection of lures, a bag of frozen deadbaits and a pike rod! Anyway we managed to sort him out with a waggler rod, reel etc etc and he wandered off to his peg.

Heres the marquee just after the draw

It was interesting to see the wide variations in the tackle being used by the kids, some of them had 11 and 12m poles, numerous rods, contintental style seat-boxes etc, whereas others had a single rod, a stool and a tupperware box containing all their gear.

As the match progressed it was becoming increasing obvious that the pegs on the west side of the lake were not fishing at all, whwereas those fishing near the boathouse, were seeing fairly steady sport. Although the fish were only small roach and perch the concentration levels shown by the kids would have put many a senior angler to shame!

John Wastells dad assisting him to land a typical small perch

At 12.30 the barbecue was ready (its half an oil drum with legs on it and can cook 30 burgers at a time) and by the rate the kids devoured the food you'd be certain they hadn't eaten for a week. (As an aside, many of the parents stayed for the whole or part of the day and all commentated on what a well-kept and peaceful lake it was - despite the A19 being only 400yards away)

As the match drew to a close at 3pm, there was only one angler who'd failed to catch, despite our best efforts to assist him, but he was still smiling and certainly couldn't be faulted for effort.

The final result was
1st Scott Sumner Peg 18 2lb 14oz

2nd Ben Johnson Peg 17 1lb 10.5oz

3rd Grant Nuttall Peg 14 1lb 3oz (the lad who had to borrow all his gear)

4th John Wastell Peg 13 9oz
5th Ashley Tarry Peg 5 8oz
6th Matt Sanderson Peg 15 6.5oz
7th Raymond Harland Peg 16 4.5oz
8th James Turnbull Peg 12 2.5oz
9th Paul Coleman Peg 8 1.5oz
10th Will Bettridge Peg 6 1oz
11th Paul Wastell Peg 7 0.5oz
12th Anthony Harland Peg 4 NIL

The prize table the competitors were presented with

and the happy band of competitors after they'd received their prizes

Everybody enjoyed themselves and apart from the parents thanking us, I was personally very pleased that some of the kids thanked us to (its always nice to know that your efforts haven't gone unnoticed)

First match of the season of the River Ure next week - its bound to be in flood icon_smile_tongue.gif

Tight Lines



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Aug 11, 2001

Nice read and good pictures.

Well done to all in your club for the effort they put into giving the Juniors a day to remember.

looks like they all enjoyed their days fishing.

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Robert T

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Aug 12, 2002
Yes it truly was an excellent day for junior competitors & parents.
we have only joined the club at the begining of the year , mainly just for the big carp on Tontine, but have been really amazed at the friendlyness ofr the club.James my son who cam 8th, really enjoyed the atmosphere, excellent organization and relaxed friendly raport.
2 weeks earlier he entered Browning Young Master 2002 at Woodlands lakes, what a difference, parents could not talk or even sit near their kids,lousy atmosphere , 10 to enter and not one, yes thats right not even a pack of hhoks or money for the winner of the heat.

Thanks for all your help and advice Simon, weve learnt a few tips for next year.Many, many thanks to all others at Stokesley AC
Robert T


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Oct 5, 2001
Good Report
Good Pics

and a very gratifying effort!

Well done Simon



Shouldn't happen to a DOG!


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Jan 24, 2002
well done simon & the rest of the crew
i know that it can take some organising im on my usual tour of tackle shops next week to cadge some extra prizes for our juniors
& that can take some doing
well done to you all

tight lines.
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