Stokesley AC - Christmas Cheer

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Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Date 15th December 2002
Venue Renny Lake, East Harlsey, North Yorks

Our last match of the year saw us once again at Renny Lake and once again it was bloody freezing [:(!] and to make matters worse, just as we finished the draw it started raining (and never really stopped all day)

I'd expected to get twelve or more for this match since all the club members are guaranteed a prize, however Bezzy and Hally had decided to fish the big Christmas Open at Woodlands, Ricky was in bed nursing a king-size hangover and I think the weather put the rest off.

Eight hardy souls turned up for the 9am draw and since there was only five club members it meant that we were guaranteed plenty of goodies [:D]

The wind was a gusty north-easterly and five of the lads elected to fish the north bank, where it was a little calmer. Richie fished at the end of the big bay (with the wind in his face), Roy fished the same peg he'd drawn the week before and I dropped in opposite the island where Colin had snared a few carp the week before.

Richie was the first to see action, landing a decent chub after only 10 minutes.

I was fishing chopped worm and caster at 8m and after a biteless first 30 minutes landed a carp of about 3.5lbs, hooked another shortly afterwards which I think was foul-hooked since I pulled out of it almost straight away. Bumped a couple of roach so switched to a lighter rig and had a run of half-a-dozen fish, then .......... nothing [:(!]

After an hour I was probably in front but Dave, Roy and Graham were all catching steadily fishing bloodworm for the roach and it wasn't long before they overhauled me.

Phil, Peter and Keith were all struggling, Keith had a carp of a couple of pounds, Phil had a single roach (and this from the peg that produced 20lbs+ the week before) and Peter was still biteless.

Nobody was able to keep the fish coming, even the lads fishing bloodworm would get a few fish then a blank spell and it was even worse for the rest of us. I think I had 4.5lbs in the first hour and 1.5lbs in the remaining four!

I think everyone was very pleased when I called time at 3pm, we were all wet and very cold.

The results were as follows:
1st Dave Watson 15lbs 10oz (all roach) - won 50

2nd Roy Brown 10lbs 0oz (all roach) - won 27, a bottle of single malt, 8 cans of Heineken and a box of Jelly Babies

3rd Graham Lowery 9lbs 6oz (all roach) - won nowt (apart from the blind card he organised in the pub later)

4th Simon Robson 6lbs 0oz (1 carp + roach) - won a bottle Of Bells, box of biscuits and a Seymo skid bung

5th Richie Newton 5lbs 14oz (1 chub + roach) - won a crate of Stella, a box of Jelly Babies and a bag of Silly Pellets

6th Phil Noble 2lbs 6oz (all roach) - won 12 cans of Tetley and a quiver rest

7th Keith Harris 2lb 0oz (1 carp, 1 roach) - won 8 cans of Murphys, pole winders and groundbait.

8th Peter Weatherley DNW

Next match is January 26th on the River Ure (although no doubt it'll be flooded)

To all the Stokesley members who I know read these posts can I just say thanks for your attendance this year and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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Sep 18, 2001
Nice report as usual Simon.
Seems you shared the weather with us down south.[:D]


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