Stockton Reservoir

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Aug 11, 2001
Had a pleasure session today at Stockton Res, and happened to notice on the board that a club with the name P.A.D have a match booked there on Tuesday (8th) i presume it's the P.A.D we all know so i thought i would do a report on todays session (just in case the fellow MDers are fishing).

Decided to fish on the boards as there was a match from peg 44 to 64 (more on that later).

I sat on peg 8 and Lee sat on peg 9.

On plumbing up we both found about 3ft of water from 4mtr all the way out to 14.5mtr so i settled on a line at about 7mtr and Lee done likewise.

I fed GLM flavoured pellets by hand on this line and Lee fed normal Trout pellets with a cup on the same line.

I also set up a frame feeder (semi-fixed) to fish the point of the island in front of me.
This was rigged up on 6lb Maxima with a 6inch hook length of .17 power line to a 14 Animal hook tied with a hair.

Lee rigged up the same setup but without the hair.

Started on the feeder with punched meat as hook bait and on the second cast hooked and landed a Mirror of 10lb 8oz which was followed by 4 more Carp of 4lb, 2lb, 5lb 4oz and 1lb 8oz also in between the Carp, 6 Chub all identical at 1lb apiece came to the net.

Whilst this was happening i kept feeding pellets on the pole line with the odd drop in on Cat-meat to see if anything was there.
Other than 1 Chub (same size as the others) nothing on the pole line.

All this time poor Lee was sat fishing the feeder to the end of the island infront of him with out so much as a bite.

After giving Lee some of the groundbait i was using he straight away hooked a lost 2 fish then managed to land a 1lb Chub and a 4lb Carp.

When the time to pack away came i still had enough groundbait to make 3 large balls which i did and threw them on the pole line then went over this with double Cat-meat and straight away the float shot under and a cracking Mirror of 13lb 14oz was soon in the net.

Last and best fish of the day 13lb 14oz Mirror ( got both fish and me this time Lee) LOL

I ended the day with 7 Chub and 6 Carp for 44lb 2oz
Lee ended with 1 Chub & 1 Carp for 5lb ( but learnt a bit about fishing meat on the feeder) Always next time Lee.

For the fellow MDers that might be fishing on Tuesday the groundbait i used was just an old mix from the freezer put through the riddle a few times to remove any food and freshened with Swim Stim Green.
Hook bait was either single or double punch meat or Cat-meat on the Hair rig.

Regards the match fished on the other bank 20lb won it from the Animal pegs in the high 40's top weight on the Dam Straight was ounces but they all fished maggot or caster.

If the match on Tuesday is on the Dam straight the best options for those pegs are all pegs either pellet and paste or cat-meat from the margins to around 7mtr or the feeder towards the island in the early pegs.

Open water pegs need a chuck of around 50yds to locate the dead weed beds where the fish have now started to show from.
Best baits for the feeder is a no food content groundbait with meat or pellet on the hook.

Hope the above helps.

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Jul 25, 2002
Hi Malc,
Many thanks for the info and e-mail, their is an e-mail in your in-box [:D][:D][:D]. I've printed it off for the lads. [:)]

Cheers for now

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Jan 24, 2002
hi malc
mark just printed it off for himself the tip you have given him isjust what he needs itll save him buying anby maggpts or caSTERS lol

tight lines.
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Sep 29, 2002
yes, malc took me to stockton to fish the cat-meat, but my fish ended up being on punched meat as i was not able 2 keep the cat meat on as i wearnt using a hair rig. but again malc's baits did the trick as i finally put a fish on the bank after bout 7 hours.[:D][:D][:D]

scott essery

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Oct 16, 2001

dont get disheartened mate. the more you fish the better you get. Malcs been fishing for ages and just look how old Malc is [;)]

just stick at it mate and you'll be bagging

remember how well you did at mudmore!!!


you should market your infamous groundbait like Steve ringer does [:D]
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