Stockport Rivers

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Feb 26, 2002
Friday 12th July

Anglers now taking advantage of some decent weather and time off work to visit waters around Stockport and Cheshire. But action was slow with the heavy showers and the odd cold night in some parts of Cheshire, although generally there was some significant improvement in the form of most waters.
Match weights have improved on the Cheshire Commercials.
The River Goyt from Otterspool down stream to Stockport the Chub have put in an appearance some pushing the 4lb mark.
Match won with nearly 20lb at Otterspool and pleasure sessions between 20 and 25 Chub a sitting.
Call Normans of Woodley for on the spot info 0161-494-5422
Carp have yet to show signs that they are about to feed in earnest, something they are famous for as the warmth of the summer nights and humid days has an effect on the water temperature.
Combermere Carp are moving around and good nets of silver fish and carp to 22lb reported.
EA Bailiffs on the prowl? Please do not forget to renew your Environment Agency rod licence.
Pike angles getting good sport in the English Lakes
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