starting a match fishing club/league

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big stoo

Jan 15, 2007
During the off eason for cricket a few of us like to have a bit of a match fishing session on a saturday, last season there was only about six of us, this season there's gonna be closer to 15. We only really had one rule, five pound in, winner takes all, but buys everyone a drink after the match at the closest pub. One rule i think we should keep beer-toast1.gif
How we usually do things is Draw numbers out a hat, the lowest picks his swim first and so on.
As we are mainly all pleasure anglers we've not considered banning floating baits.
As we have gotten bigger i think some more formal rules should be brought in and would like to ask what anyone with more experience would consider as suitable rules, or whether the best thing would be to keep us as casual as posable.
Newie and myself are working on a fixture list, which will be posted on the right bit of this site when complete.
I would also like to take this chance to invite any maggot drowner local to us (sleaford, lincs) to join in.
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