stanwick lakes knock up

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paul d

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Mar 13, 2007
just a quick hand count on who would be interested in a 16peg knock up at stanwick lakes, near wellingborough in northamptonshire.
it would be fished on a saturday to be arranged if interest is good.
cost total would be 10 pounds per peg (5 quid peg fee and 5 quid pools) all monies would be paid out as four sections with 10 for 1st in section, 5 for 2nd in section and an extra 20 quid for the overall winner).
the lake would be the car park lake at stanwick which is the stockies lake with regular 100lb+ weights in the summer
the only fishery rules that apply are no nut baits and barbless hooks to be used, which makes a nice change to a long list of rules to be read before you start fishing at most commercials.
pm me if you are interested asap

people so far;
1. paul d : confirmed
2. trev mays : confirmed
3. lee mays : confirmed
4. mick len : provisional


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May 26, 2006
Hello mate, which lake would it be on?

Id be interested, but have to know the date, as I have a few matches on saturdays lined up.

Stick me down as a maybe though.
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