Stanbridge view part 2


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Feb 25, 2020
Went back to stanbridge view today and settled on peg 10. Had some very nice looking margins and a reed bed at about 18m. Plan was to fish a method to the reeds and come into the margins later using meat and cat meat. Setup my feeder rod, but the cheap method feeders i got seem to have a blockage somewhere so couldn’t get one on the line! Opted for 6mm sonu robin red and bomb. First cast had a common about 2lb, next cast tip pulled round but lost in the reeds. Third cast hooked another but this one found an underwater snag and came off. By now there was alot of activity in the margins so after pulling for a break and loosing thw lot i chucked the feeder rod up the bank and grabbed my margin rig. Had 2 lines both 2.5ft on to my left with meat and hemp and the other to my right for cat meat. Seond drop in on meat had a carp 4-5lb, then another about 2, then all went dead, switched to cat meat line and took 1 of around 2lb then nothing. Switched back to left margin but only managed a couple of skimmers, a rudd and a small perch all on meat. No other signs. By now id noticed alot of bubbles around 7m so decided as everywhere else was dead to start a new line. Quickly plumbed up and found around 6ft. Put on a 6mm banded pellet loose fed the same. The minute the pellets hit the water it looked like id chucked in alka slezer! Within minutes i hit in to a small carp and this carried on with fish to 4lbish until I finished.

By this time id never seen a swim fizz like that (last pic you can see the fizzing around my float) and fish were starting to come up. If id had more time i wouldve gone shallow. I shouldn’t have stuck with the margins so long either. Ender up with 30-40lb in 4 hrs most of which came in the last hr. was a fantastic learning session DB2DFA4F-A2E7-429A-B2DF-243F0A68B289.jpeg
DB2DFA4F-A2E7-429A-B2DF-243F0A68B289.jpeg 9F177235-5853-4C85-9B54-D577991F146C.jpeg