Stafford Moor Silvers - 29/08/22


Mark Saunders
May 3, 2008
Been to the wonderful Stafford Moor today on Dodgy’s silvers match on Pines. I drew 18 which I seem to draw a lot. Decided to try to keep it simple fishing three lines down the edge, 2+3 with worms and 13m with groundbait/micros/sweetcorn.

Started short and had a great first hour catching skimmers and a small tench but the line dried up. The next three and a half hours, I tried to get the corn line to work for too long as well as trying other things which made the peg worse 😣. With 90 mins to go I tried to get the worm line going again and I had a great run to the end of the match. In hindsight I should have persevered longer on the worm line when I was struggling as there were fish there to be caught. I managed to to weigh 25lb 9oz which was mostly skimmers with 2 tench and four carrasios, luckily that was enough to win the section.

The best part of the day was a kingfisher sitting on my pole when I was using it, I’ve never known that to happen before but it also landed on David Doidge’s pole as well.