Spring View Fisheries

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Aug 14, 2008
Just got back from quite a disappointing morning on Abbots lake on Spring view fishery in Wigan. Started at 6:15 and packed in at 11 as only had 1 crucian (around 1.5lb) and a few rudd on the drop.

After finishing i went for a walk around Rainfords Flash trying to make my mind up whether there were still fish in it. Could see evidence of fishing (litter!!!) and got chatting to a 'fisherman' who was piking although not what i would call a fisherman. Then managed to spot a small shoal of perch and my eyes lit up.

Got chatting to a couple of blokes who were just arriving and seemed genuine. They say the key is baiting up as it isn't fished regularly. The guy i was chatting to put a couple of tins of hemp and corn in last night and first ting this morning then came back to fish from 12 till dusk. They both said (and seemed genuine) tench smaller than 7 menas you are unlucky, and roach and rudd average close to 2lb as cormorants took a lot of small stuff.

I really liked the place and am really considering trying it one saturday. Maybe bait a peg up (of which i found 5 or 6 i liked) Wed - Fri then fish first thing Saturday onwards. Would love to hear if anyone else fishes any of the Wigan flashes and what their view are.

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