**Spot the Float Competition #2 - Sponsored by BobCo Tackle **


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Aug 8, 2001
Spot the Float Competition - Sponsored by BobCo Tackle <<NEW>>

We have ONE 'Greys Toreon 8ft7 Method Feeder rods' to give away to ONE lucky winner courtesy of BobCo Tackle

The Grey's Toreon 8ft7 Method Feeders Roads are High modulus Toreon nano carbon, Strong, slim and extremely light, Responsive anti-lock actions throughout the range, Lightweight gunsmoke SIC line guides plus a Detachable butt grip for more compact storage with a RRP of £142.99

There is ONE Float hidden in the picture below and all you have to do is select TWO squares from the picture below where you think the float might be and post your selections below.


The competition is to run until Midnight Sunday 8th December 2019 and the lucky winner's name will be posted on the following Monday.

In the event of two or more people picking the winning square then there is a tie-break question "How many Greys Toreon Rods are there in the range at BobCo Tackle" - the answer can be found following this link: Greys Toreon Tactical 8ft7 Method Feeder Rod.
Please don't post the Tie-Break answer, keep it to yourself as you will be asked for it (if needed) when we post the results

If no winners then we'll start again

Good Luck :upthumb:
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