Special Wild Brown Trout!


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Jul 25, 2018
What got me into lure fishing was watching the Japanese catching trout on the tranquil mountain streams - places where it looked like just breathing the air up there could add years onto your life, using ultralight tackle and performing impressive casting techniques which could be likened to some variation of martial arts!

For some reason I just assumed that this absolutely beautiful species was out of reach for me, and I got straight into the perch hunting.

Recently I acquired a pair of waders, and spent a lot of time on google maps - drawing up a battle plan to start trying to find these awesome fish -

I began the week before last, on the Peover Eye in Cheshire, it looked trout-y, I caught plenty of perch, but no luck on a trout :(

Despite hearing many accounts of the River Bollin being highly polluted and not far off devoid of fish, I'd also read of improvements to the water quality in recent years and decided to have a go in Wilmslow last week, I caught a couple of tiny chublets, and caught an otter on video, but again - no trout.

I've seen reports in the media of salmon - yes, Salmon - battling up the fish pass at Quarry Bank Mill, Styal... I thought - if there's even a hint of such talk - then surely, surely I can find a trout around here somewhere.

I headed over to Styal today, on the public "Styal car park" stretch near HMP Styal, it's really no secret, but to my amazement...

I counted fast and I can assure you that this fish was out of the water for less than 20 seconds.

They are just absolutely stunning.

I had my drag very light and the reel screamed, he went for the weeds, he tailwalked, all on a 1.5-5g rod, it was perfect.


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Mar 10, 2019
Nice one, beautiful fish aren’t they! I love how they can vary in appearance so much as well. Those I’ve caught on the Itchen look almost like a different species to those I’ve caught on the wye. Good scrappers as well.