Southern MD Friendly Match 21/5/2005

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Vince G

Hop Along
Aug 5, 2003
RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, It always Bl**dy Rains.

Well here goes, a report on todays friendly day out at Monk Lakes in Kent.

The day started in usual MD's fashion with a text message from The Jinx at 6.40am to ask if the fishery sold bait. As I only live a few miles from the fishery, if he thought I was going to get out of bed to answer him he'd got another thing coming. 7.30am I thought I'd better put Malc out of his misery and let him know there was a tackle shop on site.

I arrived at the fishery and was met by Big Sedge but couldn't see anyone else until I looked in the Cafe and found Peter and a couple of others discussing the tactics for the day. At this stage although the sky was a little overcast it was at least dry, that was until The Jinx crossed the Kent border and the heavens opened. We knew straight away he must be close to the fishery.

At the draw everyone was somewhat concerned about the inceasing wind and whether they would be unlucky enough to draw next to Malc. That dubious pleasure went to his nephew Lee (poor sod, fancy having him as your uncle) and Nick Gilbert.

Peter and I drew our pegs last and got the 2 end pegs, no fiddle there then. The match started at 11am and very soon a few fish were being caught, strangely enough Andy (The Hat) they were all Golden Tench. Wily, Nick and myself being among the early catchers of these pretty fish. Here's one I caught that had a strange dorsal fin.
Datafile7.jpg That was where my day went wrong with not a bite for the next hour and 10 minutes. All along the bank the odd few fish were being caught but the carp were definately in hiding.

The sky turned blacker as the day went on as did Malc's mood as he didn't seem to have the right bait on his hook as nothing wanted to pay him a visit.
In the meantime his nephew Lee,a real beginner, was beginning to catch a few fish. Finally a shout went up and one poor fish had found it's way to his DOUBLE BOILIE eyepop.gif eyepop.gif and comitted suicide. Poor little Golden Tench didn't know what was happening as it looked up and saw Ken Dodd Malc looking down at it.

From then on it rained and rained and the wind blew and blew but then to be honest we expected nothing else, did we. News was that Mugger Morton was finding a few on peg 2 but was having trouble keeping his keepnet in the water as the wind was picking it up and trying to deposit itself on the bank. By the end it was not clear who had done the business and won so as the fishery staff weighed in I drove their Golf Buggy round and noted down the weights, well I couldn't get the result sheet wet could I.

The weights were as follows,

1. Mugger Morton 41-2-0
2. Nick Gilbert 22-4-0
3. Gingert 76 19-2-0 (including a Golden Tench 3-2-0)
4. Rob 19-6-0
5. Badatfishing 19-2-0

Where's the Jinx you might ask, well it's too soon.[:D]

6. Colin 9-10-0 (including Golden Tench 4-2-0)
7. Svenc 7-8-0
8. Lee 7-0-0
9. Big Sedge 4-1-0
10 Vince 4-0-0

Still no Jinx, I've told you once it's too early.[:D][:D]

11. Wily Coyote 3-14-0
12. Dave the Fish 3-0-0

Yes it's time,

13. Mr Malc (Battered by Lee crybaby2.gif crybaby2.gif )Doyle 2-1-0

You might think Malc finally last but he was fortunate that Jackcatcher and Tincabelle decided to tip back their fish and DNW, mind you I think they both had more than him too.

Before I go I must thank some people, firstly all those who turned up on the day, a great bunch, a good laugh and now able to put names to a few more faces.

Finally Simon and his staff at the fishery, thanks for making us welcome, the sign as we arrived was a nice touch and the prizes were most welcome and unexpected. I'm sure we'll be back, but only if you promise us some decent weather.


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