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Mar 13, 2005
fished here 5th june at pilkingtons.start 9:30, 9:15 while just finishing my groundbait off so two bream roll on far bank 9:25 had a massive blow of bubbles again on far bank just in front of willows.9:30 allin put put five jaffas at 13mtrs then picked up the feeder and zipped it out to the willows tip pulled round after 2 mins struck nothing there liner(started getting guiddy in for a shed full)chucked back out tightened up tip moved about 1/4 inch lifted into bite to feel it pull back ended with a scraggy looking bream of about 21/2lb in net.lobbed back out and for the next hour was getting bait battered by small rudd.came in on 13mtr line 9ft deep went left to right for 2 mins the stopped then right to left it was like this all day every time it went l to r got a better quality of fish ended up with 4lb8oz to win 2nd was caz dawson 3lb10oz 3rd barry whittingham 2lbeforeoz.

36 fishing out of sheffield match mainly
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