Sore when it's raining


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Sep 23, 2020
This young lady of restricted height, a 'dwarf' they called them in the bad old days, goes to see her doctor.
'Come in' he shouts as the young lady knocks on his door.

'Sit yourself down' he says and makes a mental note to have a step handy as the young lady huffs and squirms onto her seat.
'Now, what's the matter? the doctor asks the nervous young lady.

Legs swinging over the edge of the chair she, embarrassed, starts to describe her problem:
'Well doctor it's like this. Whenever it rains I get ever so sore, down there' she says, gesturing with her eyes downwards.

A bit nonplussed the doctor asks her to be more specific.
'Well' the young lady continues, cheeks reddening 'it's my lady parts, you know' she added with a glance downwards at her own lap.
'Whenever it rains they get red raw, I can hardly walk'.

The doctor, having seen many 'parts' of both sexes is not flustered, although the raining part has him puzzled.
'Okay then, let's have you on the bed and lift your dress up' he says.

The young lady is panicked 'No doctor, they're okay now, it's been dry for a fortnight'

'Ah, it that case then next time it rains and you have this problem come and see me' he offers.

Still rosy cheeked with embarrassment the young lady nods her agreement, shuffles down off her chair and leaves the surgery.

It's only a week later and for two days it has been chucking it down. The doctor then is hardly surprised yet still curious when the young lady of restricted height enters his surgery once more.

'Is it the same problem then, the soreness?' asks the doctor kindly.
The young lady nods in confirmation, cheeks starting to redden.

'Okay then, on the couch and lift your dress up' instructs the doctor, and on seeing the situation is shocked for it is indeed very sore.

'You are suffering aren't you my dear' he says, and the young lady nods in agreement, 'but don;t worry, I know just what to do, lie still' he continues and rummages about in his desk drawer.

Satisfied, he pulls out a large pair of scissors, and placing a calming and restricting palm on the young lady's shoulder he assures her everything will be okay.
'Now just lie very still, and it will all be over before you know it' he soothes, just as he makes a number of large cuts into something the young lady cannot see.

'All done, get up and have a walk, see if it's better@ says the doctor.

The young lady gets down from the couch and walks the length of the surgery, a smile on her lips and totally free of soreness. Happily she asks 'Whatever was it doctor?'

'Oh, quite simple really' says the doctor. 'I just cut two inch off the top of your wellies'.