Sonubaits MD Festival 2015 - Lindholme Lakes


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May 3, 2009
Sonubaits MD Festival

5 Days of Fishing 15th June 19th June 2015 Lindholme Lakes

Festival Rules

The winner over 5 Days fishing will be decided by the lowest score on section points scored. One point for a win and two for second and so on. If there is a draw on weight for say 2nd place both anglers get two points, third place gets four points and so on. (Section sizes will be between 5 and 8 depending on the numbers fishing).
In the event of a draw on points over the five days we will then take section wins into consideration, then section seconds and so on. In the unlikely event of a draw using this method then overall weight will be taken into consideration.
All Anglers MUST weigh in. In the event of a blank one extra point will be added to your score. Any Angler Tipping Back without weighing will be disqualified.
Entrants must be members of the Forum before the 31st of January 2015.

Date: 15th June - 19th June 2015

Venue: Lindholme Lakes

Price: 35 pegging fees for the week

Trophies & Prizes: 5

Pools: 25

Pools Per Day will be 5.00. All Pools money (25.00) to be paid on the first day at registration.
3.00 each day will be paid out to section winners. Depending on Section size a section second maybe paid.
2.00 each day will go towards the overall winner. Again depending on numbers fishing this maybe extended to second and third places.
All Money will be paid out at the Friday Presentation only.


Day one

9am: Registration and payment of Pools money for the week 25 plus 5 for trophies and prizes.

Draw: 9.15am
Fish: 11am - 5pm.

Pegs to be confirmed when final numbers known. Pegs will be spread out with good advice taken from the Staff at Lindholme.

Days Two - Four

Draw: 9am
Fish: 11am - 5pm

Day Five
Draw: 8am
Fish: 10am - 4pm

Friday Presentation
5.30pm onwards.

Lakes to be fished

Monday - Bonsai
Tuesday Willows/Laurels
Wednesday - Laurels/Willows
Thursday Beeches/Loco
Friday - Bonsai

A non refundable deposit of 35 is required to secure your place by the 31st January 2015.

The 4 lodges that sleep 3 people and the Log cabin that sleeps 4 have all been booked out for the maggotdrowners festival. I have agreed with Bev that I will take the names for both the log cabin & lodges and will pass on to lindholme once full.
Tent pitches should be booked direct with Lindholme

Lodge 1 - Jimmy Atkinson & Mark Lewis
Lodge 2 - Len Wade & Neil Ellis
Lodge 3 - Alan Macguire
Lodge 4 - Dave Graham & Bobby Walker

Log Cabin - Richard Allen, Lee Hextall, Ryan Whilton & Alex Clark-Akal

Mikes Lodge - Andy Martin, Stephen Bennetto, Colin Engstrom & Paul Newman

Wrootrobs Lodge - Ian Elliot, Nathan Younge, Graham Collins & Gary Yorke

Maximum of 42 Anglers

1. Texpert (Paid [:T])
2. Rambo (Paid [:T])
3. Mrs Rambo (Paid [:T])
4. Jimmyaky (Paid [:T])
5. Juzzy (Paid [:T])
6. Sam The Man (Paid [:T])
7. Alanmac (Paid [:T])
8. Len Wade (Paid [:T])
9. Pauln (Paid [:T])
10. Mal Lawrie (Paid [:T])
11. Nana (Paid [:T])
12. Dum Dum (Paid [:T])
13. Rob Walters (Paid [:T])
14. Bobbyw (Paid [:T])
15. Silly Socks (Paid [:T])
16. Choppygraham (Paid [:T])
17. Flipperdoo (Paid [:T])
18. Lewea (Paid [:T])
19. Nelly500 (Paid [:T])
20. Pottsy (Paid [:T])
21. Juwa (Paid [:T])
22. Graham collins
24. Fuzzy (Paid [:T])
25. Ecky1972 (Paid [:T])
26. Andymartin (Paid [:T])
27. Halesy (Paid [:T])
28. Big Stoo (Paid [:T])
29. Richard Allen
30. Wayne Marshall (Paid [:T])
31. Pallo (Paid [:T])
33. Andy w8 (Paid [:T])
34. Linda Bratby (Paid [:T])
35. Bentini1uk (Paid [:T])
36. Jasper31 (Paid [:T])
37. Big TG (Paid [:T])
38. Colin to the E (Paid [:T])
39. Ryan Whilton
40. Midge99 (Paid [:T])
41. Mal Proctor (Paid [:T])
42. Bagger J (Paid [:T])

If you put your name on the list and are unable to attend, then please be polite and let me know
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May 3, 2009
I have listed all who attended this year, if you still want your name on the list then please confirm.

As this is getting more popular each year, I have increased the number to 40


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Apr 26, 2008
Cant wait!
Especially as it looks like I have to pull out of the mini festival due to chap at work handing his notice in this morning :(


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Jul 14, 2010
Defo for me [:)] nice lakes, no strip??? [;)] [runs and hides]
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Uncle Festa

aka worker1
Feb 7, 2009
I'll say yes for now Gaz but got another wedding to pay for [:C][:C]

I'll deffo pay the deposit but could end up having to drop out depending on the wedding date,not been confirmed yet due to son in law being in the army [;)]



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Aug 31, 2008
Me Juwa and rubba conker confirmed Gaz, I will confirm lodge booking from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon with Rob. Thanks

big stoo

Jan 15, 2007
after attending for the first time this yeah, i'm gutted that i didn't notice this thread sooner :), can you put my name down please Gaz?