Some I win, Most I lose!

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05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
A Busy week!

This week has been full and varied and I only now have had time to relate it, so I will roll these shorter reports into one.

Following my brief visit to the PAD section on Monday, I attended the evening meeting of the club, with Darryl also in attendance, as he may also join.

He was invited to the Tuesday match at Riddings, so I collected him in the morning and we made our way to the venue, the Folly Pool.
Here is a view from my featureless draw of peg17, with Darryl just in view opposite me on Peg15.

The match opened in a drizzle of rain, which fell until about an hour from the final whistle.
Enough to put most of the fish down, our section was headed by 2 carp for some 6lb, Darryl achieved 3lb 7oz, I was 3rd with 2lb 7 and peg 18 produced just over 1lb!

None of the expected Barbel showed and a 5 Carp bag of 20lb walked away with the match!
The Umbrellas say it all!


On our way home, we called for an enjoyable 2 hours at the Decathlon Sports Superstore and marvelled at some of the prices in this Giant Fishing section.

Wednesday at last saw the start of my promised Barbel Campaign!

I arrived at the very swim Stewart Bloor had shown me at 5.00 pm, armed with hemp, sweetcorn and meat (all flavoured) and some oxo type boilies that I had kept back from my Newark attempt on the last day of last season!
Hard and pungent, they work on the middle Trent!
I also had worms.

Sadly, the other 4 Anglers on the river, all bemoaned the temperature of the water and the lack of sport they had enjoyed since they all arrived early!

As 3 of them were roaming, I could not carry out my pre-baiting plans! And so I settled in a swim and set my heavy feeder rod up with a light bomb and a worm on a size 10 hook, 8lb kryston braid and 12lb mono mainline.
By all accounts, these Dove Barbel fight harder than any other River Barbel and with snaggy swims everywhere, light tackle is out!
As I think back to my thoughts then, I realise how little I really appreciated what I had read!

Here's the swim I fished, rolling the bomb around to as close to the bush on my right as possible

You may remember the excellent chub I caught on the day of my visit with Stewart, it was from this swim.
During the course of the evening, the next Angler downstream caught a 5lb Barbel and 2 small chub.
This gave me hope, although the only indication of possible bites that I saw, were the minutest twitches and totally unstrikeable.

I fed the swim regularly with sweetcorn, hemp and sample small meat offerings, with very occasionally a chopped worm.

Finally, on a very small twitch when baited with worm, I struck into and foul hooked the culprit!
After a Titanic battle I landed him and here he is!

The Rotherham guy next to me explained that the River was full of minnows and that he had used them successfully to catch Barbel in the past!
However, he was now using a soft Salmon based pellet and he kindly gave me a dozen, assuring me that if I had no Barbel today, I would catch a Chub!

Sadly, this did not happen and although I fished through until 11.30, an hour after everyone else had departed, the minnow was all I had to show for my efforts!

Arriving back at the Dove at 1.00pm the next day, I took a longer walk and arrived almost at the end of our water in this swim.
I had arrived at the tail end of a thunderstorm and met a Rover, who had hastened back o his car to avoid the thunder and lightning
He again, gave doom and gloom reports having failed to get a bite in 3 hours.
None of this deters me, as I feel strongly that when the fish respond, I shall achieve my goal and it is only a matter of time and learning.
Heres my new swim, with a nice ledge, letting me batten the brolly down against the expected weather!


Same baits again, but with the addition of American Buckwheat as well as hemp.
This has turned out well and I have more confidence in this than the hard to split hemp!

I set up as before, but with the addition of a 2lb test carp rod, rigged with 15lb braid, a hair rigged No 8 hook and the same 8lb Kryston braid hooklength.

I fed as before, and in addition used a bait dropper to lower 5 lots of hemp and sweetcorn in the near side swim.
I would have fed more, but on the fifth lowering of the dropper, it became snagged and snapped the braid on my efforts to retrieve it!
Should this have told me more!

I used my meat on the carp rod, close to the near side and my diminishing supply of my friend of yesterdays Salmon Pellets on the feeder rod, slightly further out and further downstream, casting as lose to the far willows as I dare.

Bemoaning the softness of the Pellets, I hair-rigged my very last one at about 3.10 and cast it out again, I fed, sat back in my chair and it happened!
The feeder rod wrenched round, the butt jerked against the bank, trapped in the high angle I had set it and as I grasped the rod firmly, the clutch sang as a fish took line!

It had taken the pellet some 20 yards downstream, but ran up past me, fighting the current and me as I desperately heaved to keep it away from the far side trees!

It was about 10 yards upstream of me when everything suddenly went slack as the tension released from the line!

I am sure, like Peter with last Fridays big Tench, that you have all experienced that Sick feeling of frustration and the collapse of excitement when this happens!
Boy! Was I Sick!
That was almost the moment I had been waiting for and I reeled in to find the explanation.
The size 10 Kamasan 911 hook was bent outwards!

Perhaps my own fault for insisting to myself on barbless hooks and perhaps I needed a bigger one?
Well, at least I had a size 8, Newt supplied Kahle pattern on the other rod.

I re-set up with a size 6 Circle pattern, to the 8lb braid, hair rigged again and pondered what bait to use, now that my Salmon Boilies had gone.

The Question was answered for me, as the buzzer on the other rod gave a bleep, bucked and I grabbed for it.
My meat worked!

Sadly this B----y Hook length didnt
A strong surge, once again the thrill and awe at the sheer power of this beast! And then slack!
Reeling in I found the hooklength parted some 6 from where the hook had been.
At least I could forgive myself for my fears over my tying, the line itself was the culprit!
Or perhaps braid-to-braid is too non-stretch and a mono leader is required.
Baiting the feeder rod with my now restored in faith meat, I cast out and began tying a size 8 Specimen eyed hook to 10lb mono for the carp rod.
I set it up, baited, recast and settled back in my chair approaching 4.00 pm now.

Not for long did I relax, enough to roll a cigarette? I dont recall, but suddenly the feeder tip went Whack again!
I can think of no other word to describe it!
You have to witness it yourself to understand the meaning of a vicious Barbel bite
Seizing the rod, my frustration came to the fore and I really bent into this fish to stop her run.
The fight was exhilarating, tempered with fear, as she pursued the same course as the earlier one.
However, this time, some 20 yards upstream, I turned her.
She came back to where she was hooked, turned and ran again, twice more I was to halt and then bring her back.
I could feel her weaken and drew her ever closer to the swim.

I lifted the rod high, if I could just make her breathe air!

And then she swirled up to the surface at my feet!
It was a beautiful moment!
A plump rolling Barbel, with her colour Golden in the thundery sunlight and looking unbelievably fit.
I reached for the landing net, but she wasnt finished!
Rolling again, she dived powerfully and the line went slack all over again!

My signature used to be Victor Meldrews phrase, I do not believe it and for several moments that is exactly how I felt!
I stood Open-mouthed and looking foolish at the swirling waters now devoid of any sign of life.

The hook-length this time had parted just below the loop!
In other words, no blame for the knots again, just sheer under strength line used!

No other bites or excitement occurred until I packed up at dusk.
Then my rod bag zip broke.
I ended having to carry all of the things that neatly fit into a rod bag (Umbrella, heavy now wet, banksticks, landing net etc.) across my outstretched arms and was exhausted when I reached the car.
Other Compensations filled the day, for instance I had many a visitor.


And the sun shining under the storm clouds often gave my swim a kind of ethereal beauty, as though I had been transported to a wilder land.
For every cloud there is a silver lining they say and I witnessed such that day!


I envy Ian and Wendy for their recent 1sts at Barbel and remember mine, but feel more fortunate than they are at the moment, because, whilst there memory is fresh, mine is yet to come!

Friday was spent at the hospital in the morning and then a trip to the Tackle dealers to upgrade hooks (I E-Mailed Stewart for advice!) Line and replacements for Rod Bags and Bait Droppers.
Successful in all but the large bait dropper!
They only want little Pole ones he whined!
But the Pole boys have never felt the surge of a Barbel! I thought, but understood his stocking needs.
In truth, I have landed 2 Carp over 20lbs, but never remember them having the same brute power on a run!
So an expensive day and now I had to switch thinking entirely as Saturday dawned and I was off to Blake Hall Carp Puddle, to fish a makeshift extra fill-in match with the PAD boys

Nothing could go wrong here, surely?

Well this is a Zip story!

Firstly, Darryl got blocked in his garage, so didnt make it.
And 3 of the others failed to turn up so only 6 fished! (And I could have been on the Dove!)
I had needed to finish the Ireland trip post, so I worked on it all night!
Thus I was tired
And clumsy

I set up my lightest elastic (no 4) to fish deep, light and size 20 hook
And stood on the no.2 section and snapped it in half!


Then, having set up the 8 elastic to fish size 14 shallow and putting up a bottom waggler rod to fish deeper, I knocked my new packet of 4.66 Cigarettes into the Lake!
(No time to pre-roll my cheap German tobacco during a match!


And with the 3.00 match ticket (as this was an extra and not covered by the joining fee), I began to think that I could be bankrupt by the final whistle!
But there are always Compensations in life and it was a glorious day!

I fished diced (cubed MALC?) meat over loose fed sweetcorn, hemp and dead white maggot in the margins and groundbaited with a concoction of Sillybait/brown crumb and fishmeal 2 rod lengths out front.
Occasionally, I caught on double maggot, mostly on meat and I caught 9 Pasties and 2 Bream.
AND I won my 1st ever match!

As 1 guy dropped out of the pool, I received the princely sum of 4.00, but it nearly paid for my fags!

PS, 1 of the guys there, Terry Volley, won an NAA Qualifier last week, in the disabled section, so, as he was just 3 pegs from me, made me feel a little better about the quality, if not the lack of competition!

Tomorrow, I hope to wake early enough to fish the Derwent with Darryl, or to revisit the Dove if Im late and hopefully, pre-bait it for Monday!
Then Tuesday, another official PAD match, Wednesday with Darryl

I love this fishing! Me!


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Jan 22, 2002
Trev you will be jump.gif one day m8 ...when you eventually land your first whisker...all of us here on mds are wishing you much success in your quest.....its took me 25 years to actualy get a whisker on the bank....have faith it will come....

Cheers Trev.....your a inspiration to us all m8....
If your going to Elvington m8....l think you are.....hope to see you there....

MOOK.... bounce.gif bounce.gif bounce.gif bounce.gif bounce.gif bounce.gif


05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
Ian, many thanks,
Sorry if I've misled you, I already have a PB of just 5lbs, 20 years ago from the Clifton Trent stretch!
Its since I returned I'm targetting my favourite and (as posted), I am so pleased for you and congratted Wendy direct on FM.
Ian, they are truly the King of fish IMHO and I love your chub too! (Next goal)
Yeah, wouldnt miss Elvington, I was 1st signed up!
So, look forward to seeing you there!
Wanna get Barbel and Chub PB's early, so can then target my 3lb Perch LOL (with just 1 and 1/4 lb, the biggest jump of all)!
God Bless


Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

Stewart Bloor

Regular member
Jun 4, 2002
Don't worry Trev, it will definitely come right soon. Location is the key to a big fish, and you're in the right spot.


05/10/01 - 18/10/02
In Memoriam
Oct 5, 2001
Thanks Stewart and Congratulations on your own day!

For those of you who have missed it, take a look here!

Two PB's!!!!
Some day!
Well done


Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

Stewart Bloor

Regular member
Jun 4, 2002
Thanks Trev. Mind, to bring it all in perspective, I returned to the lower Severn last night. Fished right through the night and caught my one and only fish (5lb +) right at the end.

That's 7 barbel in 7 sessions - the lower Severn is not for the faint hearted!
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