Solar Panels

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Mar 29, 2015
Right guys wonder if ya can help me ? I’m looking at a property to buy that has solar panels.
Do they come with the sale of the house and belong to me if I buy it ?

Do they belong to a company ?

And if I want em removed what’s the procedure ?

Many thanks


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Sep 18, 2001
Good article Dusty, pretty much sums up the pro's and con's. ;)


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Aug 28, 2007
It basically comes down to who owns the panels, and if owned by the householder what tariff they are on.

Best case scenario: Owned by the householder and on the original high tariff (just over 50p per kWh) then these transfer to you with the house (usually) and you could earn/save up to £2K a year (Fit payments and savings). This deal could be in place for another 17 years or so. It should be no big deal to swap over, no more so than sorting out your energy supplier. The more recent the installation, the less then payment you could receive... on the more recent (lower) tariff you'll just get an offset against your energy bill rather then a payment into your bank account.

Worst case scenario: Owned by a third party with complex exit clause... then prepare for a potential headache as per the article above. That said when the panels were installed there should be a clear process in place explaining what happens when the property is sold. You'd need to check this as part of the sale and factor in any costs to a subsequent price for the property.

Either way, the first step would be establish ownership of the panels. This should be a simple question to get the answer to, if it's a third party supplier then you will need to understand what the implication are, but that's what your solicitor can help you with.