So This ones a Draw!

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Oct 5, 2001
This is the last individual Post I shall make on this thread of my Barbel Campaign, but I make it for several reasons!
Firstly, the pictures may slow down 'Where I fished Today' and ruin your enjoyment of other reports.
Secondly superstition!I started by losing fish! then had a great day, Got set back by the thieves, now redressed the balance a bit!

Also, it gives me a Private Post to thank all of you who replied with firstly encouragement and then congratulations, followed by a few commiserations.

You also shared your own moments and feelings and thats what helps me persevere with these time consuming reports, which time is all too well spent, if you enjoy.
AND finally, I have to chuckle to myself at some of the notable absentees on the reply board! You know, the guys who post once in a blue moon a success story and then milk it to death!
Quick with their own stories, but notably envious of the successes of others!
I love it! (wicked I know, but human) LOL

Having lost a day and a half in repairing the car and driving to Hucknall to get my new kit and back in business, I was extra attentitive to Elaine, at least 20 minutes before I mentioned that, as the weather was good, I fancied another all-night session!
She was concerned (and with my track record of disasters, who, caring, wouldn't be) but sensing my frustration and eagerness quickly agreed, particularly as she knows I get a 100% mobile signal in that swim.(that was a bad oversight on my part!, usually I switch the damn thing off!)

So, by 2.02 pm yesterday, I was once more laying down my kit on the edge of the swim.
My kit was identical as on monday, but brand new! and I had not brought the float rod, as that 20 footer was stolen too!
The stick hadnt worked for the bigger fish and I intended to concentrate on the 2 feeders.
On the theory that small baits worked better during the day, I started off with worm down the margin and an 8 maggot red medusa across stream.
Again, a buzzer to alert me close, and a high placed quiver on the rod that was poised with it's butt 3" from my left hand in my chair.

I had completely set up and was fishing both rods by 2.40, having laid out the kit meticulously, in sequence, so as to have everything to hand and be aware of it's position as darkness fell

Hellova theory!

As usual, by 11.30, I was stumbling about looking for my glasses amongst other things! (needed them to even see the other things!) but the early intentions were there!
Mental logic seems to be maintained, whilst memory and physical deftness, seem to have almost disappeared!

However, back to the afternoon.
I settled back comfortably in that water seeking, but Oh! so comfortable chair ,with a sigh of heartfelt contentment.

Judging by the car park, I had the river to myself!
No sun, but a mild warm day and an abundance of wildlife and interesting things to see.
A large White quill drifted through my swim and as I had already seen several, I pondered whether a Bald Swan would next appear?
Then the tip started to dance an infinitely small jig.
Good name a quivertip, but a quiver is rarely seen on the Dove!
Most of the species are violent in their movement of the end of the rod, true quiver rods are probably in a minority to light test curve carp rods!

Becoming impatient, I struck and acheived instant success!

OK tell me!

How do they do it?

How do these small minnows become impaled on these large (6s and 8s) Hooks, so frequently and with every maggot gone?
Does some crafty predator utilise the hook when he sees a gathering of minnows all attacking my maggots? Does he eat one and impale a second to stop it escaping?
Thats 3 times now this has happened and this minnow was foul hooked, exactly as though I intended to use him for bait?

Well, not wishing to ignore an omen, thats exactly what I did and I recast the minnow across the river, to test the chub/barbel/trout minnow eater theory.

However, the urge to switch to my flavoured meat, that had brought me such success was to great and I was fishing meat across stream by 3.15, having released the little fish as harmlessly as possible.
Switching to meat on the nearside rod, I cast out and got an instant bite!

Striking, I was in to a fighting fish, but NOT a barbel and quickly had him coming in on this (to me) heavy 10lb line.
Thinking it a chub, I lowered the new Specimen landing net and was surprised to see the flashing, splashing, frenzied breaking of the surface, by a really fine Brown Trout.

That liked Meat?
I scooped him up, whereupon his gyrations got the hook inextricably caught in the net, the hooklength still through the very corner of his mouth, which as trout do, caused profuse bleeding, that he managed to splash all over my shirt!

Cursing, but for his sake, cutting the line to my laboriously tied, no knot hair rigged special, I quickly weighed,photographed and measured him!


1lb 5 ozs,(New much more accurate scales, but damn bulky too!)
and 38 cms (whatever they are) Well over the take size required by the club, but
a) I was going to be here all night and he could well have gone off by the morning, and
b) although I love fresh trout, I am always relieved when I come up with a reason not to kill such a splendid looking creature!

So, back he went!

I had fed nearly a pint each of hemp, Groats and American Buckwheat, plus sweetcorn and a few meat samples on arrival and was confident that the fish would find the offerings that I put down to keeping them with me on monday.
Thus when 6.00 pm arrived with no more action, I began to look for another excuse!
The water temperature was down from 67 to 64 degrees, the wind had veered from the S to the NE, the river was lower?
All or one of these to blame?
So much to learn

Another angler joined me in the swim upstream of me, so I wandered across and we chatted over the conditions.
He was full of different phobias to me!
Hiding himself and kit behind the bushes to fish to avoid beeing seen and an abhorrence of sweetcorn, as he claimed to have seen barbel scatter at its introduction!

Well i had used sweetcorn to feed on monday and had caught 6!
He was envious and admitted to fishing that swim several times, but never taking more than 2.
On learning that, I'll stay with my weather,wind,pressure theories!
He departed at dusk and as night fell, I was horrified to discover that I was short of meat!
Switching 1 rod to trying everything, I cut the meat size down on the other.

11.15 and it came all worthwhile!
WHAM went the tip rod and the incredible fight was on again.
She ran downstream instead of up, but stayed central to the river.
Turning, she made slower headway upstream than usual, but with a dogged determination!
I felt more relaxed than before!
More confident in the hooks I had tied, more happy with the line strength and was able to truly enjoy this fight and pre-guess the surging dive times.
I admit to feeling so alive when these fish are on!
Eventually, she succumbed to the net, but in the gloom, I had again to revert to sitting, to handle the rod and net.

Look how truly beautiful she was!


Weighed at 5lbs 12oz, the net didnt go anywhere near the 1lb I allowed with the old scales!, but not to worry, I held her back in the water and grinning watched her swim out of the torchlight.

Would it start now?
Feed the last remnants of the particles, (but not the sweetcorn! the guy had got to me!)

In fact it was 3.00 am before the next take and that was from the downstream rod.
This was the result!


Unweighed, but obviously between 1 and 2lbs, I slipped her back.
Not ungrateful, not even disappointed, pleased in fact that this bodes well for the future, but there was no point in causing that fish any more distress than necessary
Dawn was slowly breaking, when the next action came.
Again a fighting fish, but again a much smaller stamp.

Not using the net, I swung her to hand and took this photo of her suspended deliberately.


Look at the bait, just out of her mouth!


After all my nevers in the previous post, as Dawn broke and the slugs came out, I tried again!

AND it worked!
Superb chub bait slugs

BUT I still abhor touching the damn things!

5.15, a vicious take, on for a few seconds and then it was back to last friday, with a lost hooklength!
My fault, I had caught 3 fish on that hook, used a disgorger twice and swung a chub to hand!
Indolently I had not changed the hook.
Another hard lesson, let's hope I learn!

Shortly afterwards, I caught another small brown Trout (perhaps 10 ozs and then at 7.00 was packed and making my way across thew meadow to the car.
Not the same elation as monday, not the same bewilderment as friday and certainly not the same depression as tuesday's knockback, but a quiet confidence in my methods and kit, a great satisfaction with the 5lbr, a regret over losing the bigger one!

Let's call it a draw!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

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Apr 12, 2002
Trev great report as usual, but somehow could'nt help feeling disapointed after the previous barbel outing of 6 fish and a p/b. i guess thats fishing for you.

And as for your last report on the barbel theme NOWAY they are a great read so please dont keep them to yourself, your bublic demand it!

All the best.



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Oct 5, 2001
Sorry Tony LOL, I meant as an individual post each time!
I'll include them back in the where you fished today posts in future.
Unless they're special to me of course LOL

cya sunday, lets hope we get among them on the Trent!


Shouldn't happen to a DOG!

Geoff P

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Dec 2, 2001

I always read your posts, you know I take great pleasure in them but I do not often post a response. The same words written time and again get a bit boring.

We will chat over a pint at Elvington, or if need be a cup of tea, where I will wax lyrical about your command of the English language (or lack of it).

See you soon.

PS Nuelli Illegitimi Carborendum


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Mar 17, 2002

sorry mate but i do not understand that last bit you said to trev

(must be welsh or something)


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Oct 5, 2001
Dog Latin norm
'Don't let the Bas----s grind you down!'
is a rough translation


Shouldn't happen to a DOG!


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Oct 5, 2001
Acted contrary to the normal, did unexpected things
hadda be a she!

Besides, the Bailiff went by and he knows how to tell,
Vertical vic we call him!



Shouldn't happen to a DOG!


Trev i think we will have to find a new name for you mate, all these night sessions
A good report and good pics, well done

i'm going to bait up


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May 9, 2002
trev you you have just got to keep the story`s coming m8,it`s the only way some of us can learn what fishing is all about

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