Smallest pole floats?!

Nicky Dodds

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Feb 24, 2018
I just found some old rigs of mine, still on some little winders.

2021-03-28 17.15.29.jpg

It actually looks quite big close up but they are tiny! I can just about read the writing on it and I'm sure it says 4x8. Does this sound right for a small float?

2021-03-28 17.15.45.jpg

I am LMAO that is says 0.9 mainline. My 14 year old self made the same mistakes I make as a 36 year old. And looking at the date, 12/99, these are rigs my 14 year old self made up. I'm quite impressed when I take the rig off the winder. It has 4 small shot strung out shirt button. And loops that are smaller than what I can tie now. The line still seems fine 21 years later as it's been kept in a seatbox, so if I had a use for them I'd still use them.

I can't remember ever using a float this light. Anyone ever use them and am I right that it's 4x8? They must be designed for far bank canal fishing but you'd do well to see the bristle at that distance. And I've said they were for Gudgeon fishing but I think with a bit of tow on the canal they are more only suitable for fishing squat on the drop?
That's a drennan seed.


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Jul 4, 2019
These I've got are bigger but another very popular float from the Drennan Range - Drennan Pinkie - I think you can still get them and spot on for big maggot down the shelf.

2021-03-29 09.30.22.jpg