Small pussys !


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Apr 23, 2008
Its cold

The wench went out earlier on, opened the Korean can, switched on the engine to warm it up and clear the glass of the frost that dusted it

but, she left the door open,

does what she needs to do before the off, shes over to the big old shopping centre at ashford to spend my hard earned on xmas tat,

gets in, bids me farewell with a wave of the debit card and down the road it goes,

10 mins later shes back, banging on the door

now, we've a new nieghbour, young couple, quite nice, and they own a cat, pretty little thing, very much like one of them bengals with its markings, inquisitive little sod though, couple of times its risked itself getting any older, once by trying to get in the front room window that was slightly open, with the fierce black dog waiting below

well the bloody thing unknown to her of the massive spending ability had sneaked into the hyundii heap while it was sitting warming and the first shes realised is when its popped up from under the seat just as shes hitting the roundabout to access the motorway slip road, freaked her right out lololol

Ive just spent half an hour chasing the bloody moggy round the inside of the car, its bloody surprising how quick it moved and where it could squeeze through, been striped on my hand and forearm, proper sharpy bits on its paws

just got it out, what a bloody palaver

still its an hour less that the halls of mammon have access to the plastic cash, every cloud like !

Dave Spence

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Feb 19, 2017
I am sick to bl***y death of my naivette making me open threads purely because of the title. I am a definite :asshole2:


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Jul 15, 2009
Fitting some over head lights in a bus depot one day when a driver brought his bus in for a routine service. He parked it up and wandered off. Half an hour later a mechanic jumped into the bus to move it. All we heard were screeches and bangs. The companies cat had climbed into the engine bay and with the mechanic turning the engine the engine cooling fan had cut the cat into five pieces. I'll never forget that day. Horrible.