Slow day at the local club + a grand merci to you all


Aug 5, 2020
Went out fishing yesterday at the local waters, a public river that's leased by a local fishing club (somewhere in Flanders).
I never go fishing alone, I always take along some special need adults from my place of work. In fact, the only reason I started fishing was so I could take them along, as they enjoy it immensely.
That's the reason I want to thank you all, as I asked some really basic questions on the form here recently and you were all very helpful and very friendly. I had a question about top kits and I am happy to say that, thanks to your advice, my new pole and elastic behaved exactly as it should. The most notable result of this trip were two bream, of 50cm and about 55 cm. For me, those were both PB's. As it was a very slow days fishing for everyone yesterday, I'm sure it can only get even better from here on out.
Once again thank you ever so much for being such a helpful community.
About the trip itself: started out with a slight rain but after some time the sun came out. Fishing was very slow in general. Most of the time my residents can pick u a great deal of silverfish, but they only managed to catch about 30 small roach and rudd between them for the duration of the trip. They did catch a few pumpkinseeds, which was a first for us on that water and not really good news as they are an invasive species.
My bream were caught on double corn with some glug on them. Seemed to work for that day.

All in all, we had a pretty great day.