skelmergh tarn kendal

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Oct 8, 2001
popped up for a look and a quite read while my car was being serviced.

the owner was herding some sheep as i arrived so he came over to see if i was fishing.

when i said no and told him why i was there without my gear, he very kindly offered to lend me his gear.
(he's a top bloke)

his eldest boy dug me some worms while i loaded his dads gears in the courtesy car from the garage.

i spent about half an hour trying to tempt the large tench to have a go at my worms (all 4 of the last tench i caught there were over 5lb and 3 of those over 7lb)

deciding the tench werent playing i spent the next 3 enjoyable hours getting a perch a chuck , fishing worm up in the water.

the perch varied between 6oz smallest to a touch over a pound.

all in all a good few hours.

i'll have a fiver on the brown one
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