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Oct 17, 2008
Reading the " You don't need all that gear" post made me think about something that had been running through my mind for a few days.

Earlier this week we stopped for a break in a small town on the banks of the river Meuse. The river here is broad, perhaps 80 metres wide, and slow moving. I noticed an old chap fishing with an old whip of 5 metres or so. What struck me was his minimal gear. A live bait bucket and a small rucksack.

He was fishing off the flood wall about 4 metres out, just beyond the weed, in around 2 metres of water. The float looked like something I bought from Woolies as a kid, but as he lanquidly flicked his rig out it settled to a mere pimple as it caught the gentle flow. It looked oerfect. After a few runs through a small roach was caught and after unhooking placed in the bucket.

Bait was a few slices of a French stick, which he moistened, before hooking. He saw me watching and we chatted for a quarter of an hour or so, in which time he had several more roach and chub, all in the 3 to 6oz mark. Some of his catch would be bait for pike but the rest were for his pot.

It has really inspired me to have a similar session. A landing net, whip and a small rucksack, ditch the seatbox, trolley etc and just have a few hours with bread on the whip. No rush to catch loads just an easy few hours. Except the catch will go back!
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