Silvers match at Gedges


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Apr 21, 2018
With the forecast for the day saying it's gonna be wet it was a surprise to see dry weather when I peeped out the bedroom window this morning. Great stuff they got it wrong ,happy days ?.
I had a quick load up of the car and went back in for tea and toast before going back out to go to the match.
Bugger it was raining and it continued to do so until about half ten .
Arriving at the venue saw plenty of activity as everyone was sorting out there gear and loading trolleys and barrows.
The draw being made at 8saw plenty of time to tackle up as the start was half nine.
Now Gedges is a very natural looking lake but has been well stocked by Paddock wood AC, in that it has a good head of carp and a lot of silvers to go at ,but with carp not counting today it was just my luck to draw the lakes carp flyer peg .
The swim was permanent peg 58 and it looked like I was in for a very wet and very very windy day as the rain was blowing in my face and a brolly was a definite no no as the wind was gusting a lot.
I had decided that I would fish two lengths today the first being a 2+2 and another at 11mtrs bothe swims were identical in depth so two rigs covered both .I had about six foot which was a decent amount of water .
The start saw me with a small toss pot of maggot ,maybe a dozen emptied into the 2+2 and the rig layed out . It was no joy for the first couple of puts both being fed with a dozen maggot each time ,loose feeding was not an option as the wind was just too much for any catapult work.
With two white maggot on an 18 fine wire maggot hook the float was starting to see some action as the bites started coming with regularity, decent roach from four to the pound to half pound fish . every other put in was fed with the toss pot of a few maggot and the fish kept coming .the first hour probably saw near four pound in the net and then the rain stopped and the wind blew harder. It was time to change my shotting as I had a bulk at about three foot and three no8 droppers . I moved my bulk down to about eighteen inches from the hook and just had two droppers , this helped with the presentation and the fish kept coming. Looking around I could see others catching but not the size or regularity of me.i never tried the long line as the wind was just far too much so everything was caught on the 2+2 line.
With the all out at 3 I had had a little bit of a slow last half hour but in the main it was five pound an hour for the rest of the match.
Now I'm the world's worst guesser with silvers and I really thought that I might have maybe fifteen pound in the net at the end ,and the top weight coming round to me was 17 pound.
The bloke on the next peg to me reckoned I had twenty as he had seen my landing net dipping in and out all day .it was to prove him right as I put lb22-8oz on the scales for my third win in a row ? , as the match had been against paddock wood AC there was a super pool as well as the main pools, so the brown envelope had a nice amount of beer tokens in .
As we were weighing in I must admit that looking at my catch in the weigh sling it did look impressive as the roach were nearly all netters and it's always nice to see a good bag of redfin.