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Jul 20, 2016
I usually shot rigs when pleasure fishing, I make the rig and add the hooklength at home then shot up on the bank. My rigs are for specified venues and designed to fish certain ways whch means I have rigs and duplicates for all eventualities. I use stotts on commercial rigs and when I move them I give them a little pinch with the styl pinchers.
For me organisation and having everything ready is key, I have a mate whose box looks like a lucky dip bag I look the other way when he opens his rig tray.

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May 4, 2009
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Thanks a lot, that was what I was thinking. It is carbon stems (I’m definitely over thinking it 😩) that are causing me the issues as sometime I have them bulk and 2 droppers so that it is a natural fall and other times shirt button style (much smaller shot). Maybe just make up rigs if both in for my carbons

What you decide to do will depend to a large degree on what type of angler you see yourself as. In addition what style of fishing you prefer or do most of the time.

For my part I am enthusiastic but not highly competitive. In addition I rarely to the point of never knowingly or intentionally fish "on the drop". So for me rig variation and shotting patterns tend to be simple. Most if not all of my rigs are shotted with strung out shot, shirt button style using No.6 & 8s above three No.10 droppers. But when I feel it necessary I can move all the shot down to form a bulk and droppers. Heavier floats, over .75g tend to be shotted with olivettes and droppers.

I only have one pattern of float with a wire stem and that gets used solely on canals. The wire stem just came with the float, I didn't chose the float because it had a wire stem. The rest of my floats are carbon stemmed. I really cannot tell the difference.

I know and accept that for the very competitive amongst us what I do is not sufficiently tuned to every differing scenario. I want it that way because I found that trying to cover every eventuality was just confusing me and spoiling my fishing. Give me a hundred choices of rigs and I would still be making my mind up what to use at the all in. All credit to those who's multiplicity of choices and specialisations of rigs do not cause them the same issues.

I'm happy with my simplified choices and that is what is important. A happy angler is a confident one, and confidence plays a large part in your success.

There is no way anyone can say one way is right, it has to suit that angler. If you are a round peg then you fit best in a round hole.

And finally, I use Stotz or similar in all shot 8 and smaller. They move a little but the benefits outweigh the issues for me.


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Aug 2, 2012
Rigs made in advance along with rough shotting, fine tuning either way done on the bank. Across most of my general silvers or carp rigs they are set up to be either slow fall or bottom rigs in the first instance, so are a different rig with different shotting pattern from the point of assembly. Costs more yes, means more rigs yes, but saves what i see (others may not of course) as alot of messing about on the bank, nor although do i wish to be continually shifting weights up and down a rig mid session to match the changes in fish response, can't be good for the line ultimately no matter how good the shot, if fish come on the drop or vice versa and move back to the bottom, i just pick up the top kit with rig on it to suit.-On the drop strung out, on the bottom either strung in bottom third or a bulk arrangement.
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Mar 8, 2010
I like to use Ballabini.
What I do it put my flaot on the line, then the shot.
I always place the shot near the bottom and slide it up 12" ( as odd ones ping off )
Then tie my hook length loop near the bulked shot ( discarding the place I added the shot )
I then wind on a winder a number of turns ( 6.5 is about my top kit ) and tie a loop.
I tend to slightly undershot and any extra on the day is added with stotz under the float.
Since the shot has already moved I can adjust the shot on the bank.


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May 31, 2019
I don’t have the dexterity with my fingers to put small shot on so I use ready made rigs. I don’t tend to adjust the shot until I’ve plummed the depth and set the float position then I slide them up or down ‘till I’m happy with them.