Sold Shimano Technium 13m pole x2

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Apr 19, 2016
I have finally upgraded my pole and now have for sale 2 x Shimano Technium 13m poles
Dark blue graphics, most recent model

Both are in very good condition with no cracks, chips, dinks, wraps or repairs - minor cosmetic marks here and there as to be expected

Both have the number 4's fitted with WE Products nose cones

Both are supplied in original tubes

Both have the mini/dolly butt with them

1st pole has 2 topkits-
Both 2 are power kits fitted with NG hollow elastic and puller bungs
an original Shimano cupping kit which is the exact same length as the topkits

2nd pole has 2 topkits
Both 2 are power kits fitted with NG hollow elastic and puller bungs
A universal cupping kit that's about two inches different in length to the top kits but this is negligible and makes no difference

I'm looking for £100 a piece, pick up, collect, meet half way or post at buyers expense

Also an additional top kit for £40
This compromises a match no3 and power no2 and comes fittedwith puller bung and NG hollow elastic and has been used for bagging with no issues.
Match no1 section is unused and uncut and will be suppliedwith this topkit

Would be prepared to do a deal for the joblot if made a sensible offer and if you fancied a super strong pole with 5 topkits, 2 cupping kits and a totally future proof full set of spares in the way of a second full pole

Many people use these as margin poles due to them being bombproof

They're genuinely great to fish with up to 11.5m then that final butt section goes on and, as is to be expected, it's a bit of a handful at the full 13m though absolutely still well useable

If you're intersted feel free to PM for photos of both poles side by side and all the joints and sections

If you're local you're welcome to come view and inspect with mo obligation

Oh and I live off the M6 between Preston and Lancaster

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