Shimano Super Match 3000M

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Apr 18, 2002
As some of you are aware I was after a Shimano Aero Match III to replace the one I sold some time ago, not anymore more icon_smile_big.gif While visiting my local tackle shop with a view to buying a reel I spotted the Super Match 3000M, I have seen it on the net and lurking in shops but the 99 price tag put me right off. I played with a Shimano Sahara 3000M GTE which felt very nice indeed but that feeling of a worm drive that makes high end Shimano reels so special was still lacking icon_smile_sad.gif. Anyway I dared to ask to "play" with the Super match 3000M (bad move my friends) Oh the feeling of a worm drive LOL. "How much?" I enquired inquisitively knowing I only had 3 20s and a tenner in my pocket. Errrm 75 quid mate, ah ah a chance I thought. Any better than that? Er 72. Ok what about 70 quid seeing as I bought that feeder rod the other day? Oh go on then. YES YES YES OH YES its better than sex, err well its not but you know what I mean.

If you are in the market for a reel and want one thats so lovely and perfect this is the reel for you. Everything about the reel smacks with quality, even your line looks good thanks to the Aero wrap, the down side is my Shimano Sahara RE feeder reel now feels rubbish.

Its not what you have got, it's how you use it icon_smile_wink.gif


Shimano reels cracking kit, some peeps will differ,
I prefer the Stradic range Anath, got myself the 3000gtm for my float work, which i have loaded with 2.5 maxima line,also got the 4000gtm for my feeder work one spoolloaded with 8lb braid for long distance fishing, up to 80yards, on my favorite water semmer water, the other spool has been loaded with 4lb maxima, the stradic range are superb would not hesitate to recomend them to anyone, bit pricey tho,
PS got myself a Drennen 12'6" stillwater feeder to accompany my 4000gtm, cracking setup

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