Sold Shimano Speedcast 12-13' precision feeder 90g

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Jul 7, 2012
£120 collected from Rutland (adhering to social distancing) or post at cost.

Speedcast was the range that has just been replaced by Shimano's new Aero X7 flagship feeders, it's made from the same grade of carbon as the X7s and shares similar characteristics and quality. It originally retailed £250-£300

This actual rod was the first 12-13' Speedcast produced and was used by Jan Porter in 2012 before its official release the following year. I bought it directly from Jan and it's got loads of tips (mostly the white ones that he preferred) 1, 1½, 2, 2½ and 3oz glass tips, and a 3oz carbon tip that Jan said further improved accuracy on the longer casts. It comes in a cloth covered Speedcast branded hardcase tube but no sleeve (don't think it ever had one). I've used it a couple of times and it still looks new.

The 'Precision' model is designed for very accurate casting up to 50m. It's got large main guides so can be coupled withr 5500 size spools or the wider Aero 4000 reels. The larger guides also helps improve casting accuracy with heavier/thicker lines, making it more suitable when targeting larger fish. Very stiff in the butt section with an incredibly crisp casting action, ideal when casting close to mid range features or for when you simply need to keep your feed extra tight. Extra length (1' dolly section with one guide) can be inserted between the butt and middle section, but because the butt section is so stiff, the action is not compromised as with some multi length rods.

Although it feels solid and reliable, it's not a rod for 'hoofing it out as far as you can', nor is it suitable for chucking out big feeders - but this rod will land-it-on-a-sixpence every time. It has enough finesse to land bream on the method (especially with the glass tips in) and the power to tame bigger carp. It's the next step up from a standard 9-11 commercial-style feeder rod.
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