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Dec 4, 2001
Hi All, tried my new system of setting up the rod's at home putting them into the rod sleeve's for the 1st time at Semer it was a pleasure not to have to struggle with having to set up my 2 rod;s i used on the bank ,just un folded them put joint's together & was casting out out within 5 min;s would have been nearly an hour if i;d had to set up on the bank as i used to do. I can reccomend the system to you all it really saves time & room i now put my maggot boxes with bait in my seat box as all my reel's will set up on rod's in sleeves when i get my other 2 . 2 peice rod,s that's the drawback you have change all your rod's from 3 peice to 2 peice. you dont have get shimano other tackle maker's do them as well.S0 ive 6 sleeve's 2 carp rod's, 2 feeder rod's light&heavy,2 float rod's an avon type rod set up for stick float ,&a heavier one set up with a waggler for carp tench etc.The quiver holdall hold 3 rod sleeves so i'll take 3 set rod's everytime i go fishing from now on. There really meant for Carp fishing but why should they have all the good idea's nothing wrong in a little bit of adaption any i don't believe in this tagging fisherman with he;s a carp angler & he;s another type of angler were all after catching fish so as far as i'm concerned were all just angler;s.

Cheer's Larry
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