Shimano Hyperloop Carp Rods

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Aug 8, 2001
Having bought a pair of these rods a few months ago, I am pleasantly suprised at their effectiveness and quality bearing in mind their price.
They come in a range of test-curves, 2.25lb, 2.5lb, 2.75lb & 3.0lb and generally priced at 35.00, 40.00, 45.00 and 50.00 respectively. Shopping around they more than likely could be found cheaper.
The rods have lined rings, a graphite reel mount and even look the part. Their action is progressive and not sloppy as you often tend to find in cheap rods and the two that I bought (2.25lb and 2.5lb) were more than capable of accurately casting large weights and handling large carp icon_smile_approve.gif

Regards, Dave

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