Ended Shimano Exsence CI4+ C3000HGM

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Jul 7, 2012
Brand new in box. Washers, pouch, spanner, instructions etc all included. £175 inc p&p

Although never officially released in the UK, this is the very last of Shimano's highest quality front drag reels they made with backwind/anti-reverse that are suitable for coarse/match. It is a super-smooth, CI4+ Shimano flagship reel.

The specs are as follows:
incredibly light 195g / 6:1 ratio / 9 S ARB bearings 1 RB / retrieves 88cm per turn, so not stupid-fast like some Shimano HG models. It has the finesse to handle silvers on the river and the gear strength to tame carp on commercials. Braid compatible so suitable for drop-shotting; salt-water safe so will even cope with sea and estuary lure work.

This model is a 3000 size, so a wider spool on a 2500 size body. It's similar to the ultra-light CI4+ Stradics, but with all the parts upgraded, including more bearings so even smoother and with backwind capability! It's compact, so a short reach to the spool if you have small hands.

They stopped making this model last year, they are now very difficult to find new, but if you can, they sell for between £270-£310.

Do not confuse this with the new Exsence replacement or the lower grade Essence BB


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