shimano antares 15 foot specimen float rod

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Aug 16, 2003
I got two of these cheap(1 went to Cleggy)the other week.I thought they'd be ideal for the yorkshire rivers like the upper Aire,Wharfe,Ure,Nidd and Swale.The sort of venues where roach and dace are regularly joined by dog chub.

First impressions are that it's a classy bit of kit.Zip top rod tube,velveteen velcro bag with gold graphics and that's just it's storage!

The rod itself is a lovely dark crimson.Screw down reel seat,hook retaining eye whipped on and fuji guides.There's not a blob of varnish out of place.Straight as a die and the rings are all in line.

It felt a bit top heavy at first until I put a reel on it and wow!
Talk about perfectly balanced.I ended up balancing the rod on my little finger while I catapulted bait out!

I used it for the first time last weekend.Fishing a stillwater in a bit of a gale.I was throwing a 2.5 swan waggler about 30/40mts out.Casting was effortless.Sinking the line was just a quick flick of the tip.striking at bites was fantastic too.The rod (being 15 feet)picked up line really quickly and the tip is so forgiving that bites were just connected with, with a slow progresion of "feel".No chance of cracking off on the strike.
Though I only caught small hand size roach,the tip never felt to be bouncing and you could just tell it had a progressive feel and bags of "umph" for when it should be needed!
All in all a joy to use.It made fishing the waggler a pleasureable experience.

I also got hold of the Antares extra heavy 13 foot feeder rod (ANTAXXHFDR).If that's anything like the float rod I can't wait to stick a big method ball on it!
Or as a well known shimano backed angler has suggested.....I could take it to Blackpool pier as it would suit that as well!

These rods may be expensive but they are clas bits of kit.
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