Sheltons of Peterborough closing


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Sep 17, 2013
I rarely go into Sheltons, but I know their sale started Saturday, with 40% off everything except rods, reels and poles. The queue started before 6.30 am!


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Sep 3, 2019
Never use the place until its closing for most of them I bet.
Sad society we live in that people are so keen to pick off of the bones of others.


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Aug 2, 2012
Bad news really overall and for someone who never buys kit/tackle off the net. Ironic really, I used them regular for years, before the new lay out and after, but never got a look in/chance of a look in for the sell off. Even though I had perhaps earned that right, It doesn't bother me missing the chance of a bargain and would like to wish the staff well.

I know the new place warehouse type shop going up in the town would take its toll, not been in there yet, but didn't expect it to take this much of a toll.

Fresh bait, maggots, pinkies, worms, including casters being rare these days in many shops, were always good there too.

Always found them in the upper end of pricing in all honesty, but worth it in the service and after sales care. They would always mention a deal first if buying more than one of the same and not that I ever do, this would be before they were expecting the 'will you match the price on the net' phrase.

Like i say, bad news and sad news at that.