sheffiield canal


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Jul 30, 2019
Set off this morning to fish cow gap commercial pond to test out daughters 4m whip and to try out a new venue I have never fished got there at 8am to find all the pegs where full
was going to drive to aston ponds but wasn't sure if they would be room there so decided to try the sheffield canal nearer the city centre where the guy in tackle shop said there was plenty of small fish, after a short drive set up in the canal with daughter whip with the ready made rig supplied with pole got a few bites on it from small perch and one bigger perch which was netted daughter was more happy watering the weeds with a bucket from canal she did touch a fish and reel one in on my Waggler rod ended up with about 20 fish small roach perch, plenty of bites missing bites on a 20 hook had to go to a 18 to hit roach bites
did catch and see my first ever crayfish in real life would fish here again but would have to be early morning because of people on push bikes and walkers no problem but if you fished a longer pole would have to keep moving it all day


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