Shatterford lakes, Masters pool

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Oct 19, 2005
areet guys,

last night i ended up doing a quick night session on masters pool which has been fishing very hard for carp of late and even harder for the cats.

so i set my stall out for carp, and at 11.35ish i had a 1 toner which i hit into and to my surprise the rod buckled over and i new straight away a catfish had picked up my fusion pop up.

a short fight by cats standard about 10 min resulting in a very pale moggie sitting in my landing net glistening in the moonlight.

she went 25lb 1oz on the scales so only a baby really compared to some of them in masters but when everyone else (14 anglers) on the lake blanked (apart from a small bream) i did something right.



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Apr 13, 2006
Well done mate.

I went on a fishing trip to stourport last week. We visited Shatterford on friday and decided to fish Stella lake.

Got to say, i was extremely dissapointed. Blanked, tried corn. Couldnt even get a bite on Maggott. Fished the Margins and striaght infront. Packed up after 4 hours! Then a bloke came and said we were on the wrong side of the lake, but even if this was the case, you'd still expect to catch a few.

Also, i think its a scam how they charge 5 for a guest just to watch! Its the first time ive come across this.

One things for sure, i wont be going back!
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