Shamless Plug - match at Izaak on 12th Oct

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scott essery

'Silver man'
Oct 16, 2001
I have no morality, so for anyone who hasnt noticed yet, have a look under match diary on the front page.

I've booked 15 pegs at Izaak Walton for a match on Saturday 12th October 2002. Initialy i was thinking of a 10am draw fish 11am to 4pm (so people dont have to get out of bed too early) but if people have a better idea, im all ears.

So far weve got 6 coming so there are plenty of places left and it will be a great, fun day out.

If your interested, just drop me a line or pop a post on MD


Cost will be 5 peg fee and 7 pools (ie 12 all in) and we will be fishing the middle pool.

So come on, its a great opportunity to go back to a great venue. Right Trogg???
Not open for further replies.