Shakespeare mach 2xt commercial feeder rod


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May 15, 2010
In a word brilliant. I've got two of these rods ready made, with MAP ACS 4000 reals on, in a preston hardcase rod sleeve. They are great for fishing the method, cage feeder or straight lead on commercials where a medium to short chuck is required. The clip on the ACS 4000 being particularly useful when casting to features. However they have not only served as great commercial weapons. I have taken them on several river sessions where their 2 piece nature has meant that I can carry more than one rod and still roam freely. I must admit to taking the oil rig and pole along with them more often than not tho.

The tip is sensitive enough to detect small bites from skimmers and roach. But there is enough backbone to subdue the mute carp associated with the method and medium sized barbel in non flooded rivers.