Shakespeare 1560/180 UGLY STIK Gold Spin

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John D
Sep 1, 2003
This spinning rod is possibly the best rod in my armoury of tackle, I bought it earlier this year from Mullarkey & sons, as a Birthday present to myself.

I'm sure you guys would find it ideal for roving around spinning for Perch & Chub on light lures, but so far I've only tested it not having much success with the Salmon, Sea Trout & Brown Trout in my local river 'til I get chance to go somewhere with a greater variety of fish.

The rod is virtually unbreakable, being based on the same "HOWALD PROCESS" technology used on the UGLY STIK big game boat rods (only scaled down for freshwater use) and the finish on the blank is good too (though you do tend to get slightly blinded by the holographic name & tech spec info labels on it when the sun comes out to play).

It's 6ft length makes it easy to steer, and casting range is just as good as any longer rod.

My only gripe is that you've got to check the top section every so often, otherwise eventually on one cast you'll suddenly see the top section floating in the middle of the river........... though this is not much of a problem, as long as you tied the snaplink holding the lure on properly.

~ JD
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