Shad identification

Captain Pugwash

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Jul 9, 2017
Hi, I found this in a tree last week and oh boy do the pike in my local river like it.
The action is great when retrieved slow or on a draw and hold type of action as with this fast flowing shallow river when static the tail still goes like the clippers.
Can anyone identify it done lots of trawling online but not seen one. 20191014_163813~2.jpg 20191014_163748~2.jpg 20191014_163813~2.jpg

brian carragher

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Jan 6, 2007
Looking at the indentations on the tail it looks like a Berkley shad or maybe even a home made version of a Berkley one

Its an unweighted shad with the lead head added later

Think it might be one of their paddle tail designs

If you can get hold of any Diawa Sonic shads, sadly now discontinued, try those, already mounted with the lead but the actions superb, chub, perch and pike just love to swallow them