Sensas Magic Fluo pole elastic

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Aug 18, 2008
After using hollow elastics on my margin pole, I needed to re-elasticate my main pole and decided to try some solid elastic for a change (my wallet has also taken a battering so the cheaper the better too).

I stumbled across Sensas Magic Fluo elastic on ebay and thought "why not?". It's described as being very soft with an elongation factor of 600%.

As my local water is very small and snaggy I tend to go for stronger elastics, so opted for 16's. My first use of it was on Saturday, and first impressions are favorable!! It was soft enough to handle small roach, perch and skimmers to around a lb without bumping them off but I was more impressed when I hooked into something more substantial!

The swim I was fishing was quite deep at around 7ft and as i lowered the float into the water, the piece of meat was taken on the drop and the elastic shot out. Being fairly new to pole fishing, I tried remembering what i've learnt and dipped the pole tip into the water and kept a slight angle to the fish until it finished its initial run, then started shipping back.

I had it back to the 3rd section and I was really surprised at how the elastic behaved. It would initially give but seemed to tighten up really quickly (set pretty slack too) which meant the fish was never in danger of going into someone elses swim.

To be honest, playing the fish for around 5 minutes was pretty effortless as the elastic did all the work for me. The only slightly hairy moment was netting as I had to have the tip right in the air due to the depth I was at. A nice common carp of around 8lb was the result! Not massive I know, but i've had fish of around the same size bottom out hollows and this just felt a lot easier to fish with!!!

I'll definitely be ordering some more (not that many places stock it though!), and at less than 3 for 7 metres its a blooming bargain!

Big thumbs up!!! [:T]


Feb 25, 2009
Strange that.
I'd of bet my life on any solid elastic bottoming out before any equivalently rated hollow elastic on an 8lb fish.
After all, isn't that the purpose of hollow elastic?
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