Sending pellets abroad


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Jul 23, 2020
So long story short, I live in Finland and have purchased pellets from a local UK tackle shop for a discount price (code). I no sooner find out that there are certain restrictions placed upon businesses for exportation of 'animal feed', which pellet are now classified as. I was under the impression that I would still be able to send them to myself (basically, through s family member) via postal services (RM, UPS etc).

Various searches have produced confusion results. Mainly the following stated here on the EU's own guidance pages:

  • For fishery products (including fish and certain shellfish such as prawns, lobsters, dead mussels and dead oysters), travellers are allowed to bring in up to 20 kilograms or the weight of one fish if this is higher. However, there is no such weight restriction for travellers coming from the Faeroe Islands or Greenland
Source: Personal Imports

Does anyone know if this is the case? Thanks in advance

Sam Vimes

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Apr 27, 2009
I doubt that the text you've included is relevant to the importing of pellets or other baits. It's about the personal importation of fish/shellfish foodstuffs for human consumption.

Most UK bait companies are having problems with the new legislation when it comes to exporting their products to the EU. They now require certification for products that didn't previously need it. UK anglers have also been warned of potential problems when taking bait for a fishing trip across the channel.

There are a couple of articles produced by the Angling Trust that might be more relevant.
Anglers to challenge Brexit bait ban - Angling Trust
Angling Trust Advice Note: Taking fishing bait into the EU - Angling Trust

As pretty much all UK sourced pellet products originate from either Coppens or Skretting, you'll probably be better served sourcing them from the EU where they originate. Most UK bait companies simply take one of their products and rebrand/rebag it. Some might add a proprietary coating/flavour.