Semerwater Sunday 30 June

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Stu Dav

May 30, 2002
Av been on and av got a new mate, Toma nice one ar kid,how yer doin ?

Me and Toma fished the point, wind coming straight at you, big waves, rain, the usual, plenty of fish with a few bream now and again.
The sidewinder beats the quiver tip in those conditions,I've gotta get one after Toma shown me the script.
Not easy fishing but still a good day, just can't beat it, its heaven.

Should get better once this lumpy weathers gone.
Ad about 40lb or so in ten hours, not chucking to far either.

Get on give it go, teck yer pike gear theres some bigguns knocking about, and snatching roach on the way in.

Stu Dav
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