Seeking advice on a Replacement pole/s new or used not a carp cruncher

david white

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Jan 6, 2011
Ok, boredom has begun to set in so here’s what I’ve been thinking over
I rarely used a pole but on my local pond the advantage of using one is clearly obvious but that’s been done a million times
I much prefer playing a fish ( I don’t match fish nor do I do carp crunching ) through the elastic and the top sections ( no puller systems ) and currently I own two old drennan poles ( polemaster 11 meter and series 4 12.5 - 14.0 mt both are very light and ideal guessing more canal and silver fish oriented when they were made ? )
Spares are unavailable and the sections aren’t interchangeable so on deeper waters I’m going to need to set up both poles not the end of the world but a bit of a faff ( we’re looking at River Derwent up to 20ft deep way bit more currently and the Aire and Calder canal )
So I’m looking for a couple of suitable poles either same or interchangeable sections or a pole with spare 4s 5s and 6s, need to measure as to whether I’m going to a number 7 section too, in the ‘ affordable ‘ price bracket ( thinking I’m unlikely to source anything new at say max £4-500 when I add on spare sections but I’m open to suggestions )

Whilst I’m more than happy to pass on advice on float rods what I know about pole and pole fishing you could write on a postcard

Price wise I need to tread very carefully as I’m now semi retired and with the covid situation I’m a prime candidate for ‘ redundancy ‘ if push comes to shove
Happy to buy secondhand if there’s the likelihood of more than one coming up for sale regularly ( unlike my tried and trusted Drennans ) I do have the offer of another drennan on the table but I’m certain the sections won’t be interchangeable

Thanks for reading all comments welcome
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