Seasonal carp baits?


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May 18, 2022
Hi peeps
My first post on here so go easy on me 🙂
I have done a search but can’t find exactly what I’m after (might be being blind)
The thing seems to be savoury carp baits in the summer, sweet in the winter.
I understand high viz works better in the winter as the carps lowered metabolism effects eye site (something I just found out, any thoughts?)
But why the alleged increased appetite for sweet baits in the winter? And the same question for savoury baits in the summer?
Is there any scientific theory or biological fact that supports this?
Personally I either use naturals/particles or the cell which seems to do the job all year,
You learned gentlemen know why there is this sweet/savoury seasonal thing?

Ken the Pacman

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Aug 24, 2015
There have been many theories over the years as to what makes a bait better in Winter,Spring or Summer forgetting colours for the minute.
Taking one brand as an example Stickybaits tout Manilla as a winter bait with a peanut and vanilla base and The Krill as a Spring/Summer bait which is fishmeal based bait or Bloodworm which works all year round a bit like Mainline Cell does.
A lot of it comes down to what is being fed into your venue as initially Carp accept quality baits and will seek them out until they have been caught a few time and back off a little but good quality baits from the likes of Stickybaits,Mainline,Nutrabaits for example will always catch well over the cheaper rubbish quality stuff were fish might make one mistake and back off.
The subject of colours is another area full of mostly speculation but scientific theory is Carp see the colour Pink better than anything else in Winter.
There are further discussions on bright flouros in Winter or washed out pastel colours on hard waters.
If you stick to quality baits you can experiment on hard fished proper carp waters to see what your pre baiting brings but on your average commercial the fish are competing constantly so pretty much anything will catch.
Flavours mean nothing to fish as they are only a label meaning this is food its the base mix that keeps them interested

Neil ofthe nene

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May 4, 2009
Just where ever you think that the question applies, where carp catches show the seasonal savoury sweet thing is apparent.

For myself, as a commercial carp angler, I have no knowledge of flavours and the fish's seasonal preference. Winter and Summer I tend to rely on unflavoured pellets and corn. In Winter I will add maggot/pinkie to my tray, in Summer, meat, unflavoured, if it allowed.


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Aug 28, 2006
Just to confuse you, my mates and I use fishy baits (base mix and flavour) for barbel in the winter and we catch plenty of carp by accident.

In the days when I specimen tench fished (May-July) I tended to use sweet flavoured baits and I caught big carp then too…..

If you want an introduction to flavours ‘when/where/how’ you could do worse than read stuff (several books) by Archie Braddock. He used to sell very effective flavours and some worked better in hot/cold water and some appealed to specific species.

One of the reasons different flavours work best at different times of year is because they are made on different chemical bases. Each base is most volatile at a specific temperature - so that explains why my shed (which holds bottles of at least 30 different flavours) smells totally different in summer as compared to in winter…..