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Leon Roskilly

Mar 22, 2002
Glasgow Caledonian University is undertaking an important study on angling on behalf for the Scottish Executive.

The study seeks to assess the economic contribution of angling to the Scottish economy, as well as specific regions within Scotland.

At the moment, policy towards freshwater fisheries has to developed and initiated against a background of very limited information about the economic contribution of angling and this study seeks to redress this situation.

Many angling groups and other bodies have been calling for this type of work to be undertaken as it could have a potentially significant impact of future fisheries policy development.

Rather crucially we require the assistance of anglers and are issuing an appeal for anglers to complete an on-line questionnaire.

It would be of great help if you could help to disseminate this appeal amongst those in your organization as well as those who use/access your site.

In addition, we would be very grateful if it was somehow possible to enable a link on your website that would lead to the questionnaire on our server, however we understand if this is not practical.

What we are most concerned about is the volume of replies we get and obviously if we can get links on websites like yours, more anglers will complete our questionnaire.

The questionnaire can be found at:-

Please feel free to give it a go!

Thank you very much for your assistance and please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further details.

John Anderson
Research Assistant
Division of Economics and Enterprise
City Campus
Glasgow Caledonian University
0141 331 3250


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Jan 24, 2002
have fished a few times up there normally lanark loch & strathclyde loch have filled questionair in hope it helps

tight lines.

talk fishing flip football
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